It’s crazy, Valkyrae tells followers about one of her best dates on dating apps.


Rachel “Valkyrae,” a YouTube gaming star and co-owner of 100 Thieves, told fans during a recent livestream about the cutest date she ever had.

Fans may already know that Valkyrae has never talked much about her relationships with other streamers. Rae gets paired with other online content creators and streamers all the time because she has so many fans.

Even though there has been a lot of crazy shipping, Rae is not ready to talk about her current love life. But she keeps telling her fans about some of the guys she dates. And that’s exactly what Rae’s fans got to see recently when she did a livestream and talked about one of her cutest dating app experiences.

Valkyrae, who tells fans about one of her cutest dates. Dating apps are crazy.


Rachell “Rae” Hofstetter (born January 8, 1992), sometimes known as Valkyrae, is an Internet personality from the United States. 


Since 2020, she has been the most-watched female streamer on YouTube. Adweek dubbed her “Gaming Creator of the Year,” and she won a Game Award.

It's crazy, Valkyrae tells followers about one of her best dates on dating apps.

Rae talked about a heartwarming part of her most recent dating app experience:

Dating apps are ridiculous.

During a livestream, Valkyrae talks about an adorable date.

As usual, Rae spent a lot of her livestream talking about her life and chatting with many of her viewers in the chat. In this case, her love life was more interesting.

Valkyrae gave an important update on her use of dating apps and said:

“Listen, it’s not that I haven’t been trying to meet people, because I have. I’ve actually met people, and I think it’s been long enough that I can say this: I’ve been switching between dating apps. I have also been out on a few dates. Yes, I have done that. I’m going to tell you guys that dating apps are crazy.”

Later, the famous YouTuber talked about what she was most afraid of on dating apps. As expected, the streamer is afraid of being recognized before meeting them or just knowing them really well in general.

She talked about how some of her followers are too interested in her life, which is why she doesn’t even follow some real-life people on social media because they would be put in the spotlight.

The YouTuber kept going with her train of thought and said:

“Okay, so one of the dates I’ve gone on because of a dating app was really, really cute. It was like, oh my god, okay, so this is what happened.”

Valkyrae went on to say that she couldn’t find the right words to describe her cutest moment, so she said:

“We went to a bar, and when we got there, I said, “I’m really nervous because I’ve never just gone to a bar to meet up with someone I don’t know,” and he said, “Oh, I’m nervous too, because I don’t usually go to bars, and I don’t even drink.” And I was like I don’t either. So we were both like, “Okay, we’re both at a bar, but neither of us drinks.”

The streamer tried to explain everything in detail by saying:

“We decided we were like okay let’s have one drink. Let’s just have one drink, so we did, and then we just started talking and getting to know each other. There was this dart game in the other room, next to the pool table and stuff. We decided to go play darts.”

Valkyae continued her story in the cutest way possible by saying:

“No matter what, he’s really good at it. He throws darts, and they hit the target. I’m throwing darts, but they don’t go where I want them to. He made a bet, and he said, “Okay, whoever loses has to give the other person a kiss.” I said, “Okay.” I was like okay. So, he throws, and there’s something like a bullseye. He throws two of his and all three of these, and they make a triangle around the bullseye.”
Rae went on to say the following:

“He throws all three darts at once, and they land in a triangle around the target. And now it’s my turn. I throw one dart into Narnia, another into south Narnia, and then my last dart into the bullseye. I really went crazy. We were both so surprised that we ran up to look at it, and he was so amazed that he started taking pictures of the bullseye.”

She ended by saying that she broke up with the person because she was too busy and felt bad because she was wasting his time.

Fans talk about Valkyrae’s amazing love life.

As expected, viewers had a lot of positive things to say about Rae’s most adorable dating app experience. A small number of viewers pointed out that Valkyrae was finally talking about her dating life. Most of the people watching were just amazed by the whole thing.

At this point, YouTube may not have surpassed Twitch in streaming, but the gap is getting smaller and smaller every day. Rae has a huge fan base, so it goes without saying that she is one of the big names in streaming who has helped YouTube become known in the streaming world.

With over 3.5 million subscribers on the platform owned by Google, Rae has really outdone herself with her drive and love for gaming. Since she has so many fans on social media, it makes sense that they want to know more about her personal life, especially her love life.