It’s possible that Fortnite’s next Marvel-themed season is just around the corner

    Marvel-themed season – Chapter 3, Season 4 of Fortnite, will begin in less than three weeks. Now that the most recent season is ending, rumors and leaks about the next season are again.

    The idea that Fortnite will get another Marvel-themed season has been brought up after a leak. HYPEX recently posted on Twitter that the Mythic gloves that Iron Man wears have been updated. Many data miners have said that the next Battle Pass will have a Marvel theme, so the leak makes sense.

    Everyone knows that Fortnite and Marvel have something in common. In addition to adding many Marvel characters to the game, the creators also put many of them in a parallel timeline. This makes them even more important to the story of the game.

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    Fortnite might soon get new Marvel superheroes.

    One of the most well-known Fortnite leakers, HYPEX, recently posted on Twitter that the Chapter 2 Season 4 Mythic Iron Man gloves have been updated. He also said that a Marvel x Fortnite: Zero Wars writer said that Iron Man’s costume would change in the last issue of the comic book series.

    Fortnite might soon get new Marvel superheroes.

    For those who don’t know, in Chapter 2, Season 4, players who beat the Iron Man boss could get the Repulsor Gauntlet and the Unibeam. The tweet talks about the gauntlet itself when it talks about the “mythical glove.” A leak shows that Iron Man’s new look is a blue, red, and silver suit, like Captain America’s.

    In an interview for 2020, Donald Mustard talked about where his ideas for sequential stories came from and how superheroes like Batman and Spider-Man impacted his life. In the interview, when asked about superhero teams-up, he said that Marvel isn’t going anywhere. Since then, many Marvel superheroes have been added to the game’s story and timeline.

    Based on what has happened, many leakers think there will be another Marvel crossover.

    Based on what has happened, many leakers think there will be another Marvel crossover. The fourth season of the last chapter was a team-up with Marvel. The way Marvel x Fortnite: Zero Wars is going right now also points to something similar. More than five new Marvel superheroes have been shown in the comic book series.

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    Round two of a Marvel-themed season

    People think that next season, Vision, Spider-Man, and Ultron skins will be added to the game. Some people also think that Brie Larson will join the game. But it’s still not clear what character she will play. Some rumors say she’ll show up as the Paradigm, while others say she’ll be Captain Marvel.

    Round two of a Marvel-themed season

    As for the story, Time Travel is thought to be the main theme of the next season. The Forgotten, a new group, will also be added to the timeline. In the next season, players might be able to use the older Battle Pass interface. They might also get a live event that will be a big part of bringing new heroes and villains into the game.

    Chapter 2: Season 4 of Fortnite is one of the most popular and profitable ones. When players saw their favorite superheroes in the game, they were thrilled. Based on Epic’s recent work to bring the game back to life and build a metaverse, it seems likely that Chapter 3, Season 4 will have a Marvel theme.

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