Jay Alvarrez coconut oil video full viral – Jay Alvarrez video viral Coconut oil video sparked outrage

    • Jay Alvarrez coconut oil video with Sveta Bilyalova is trending on social media and TikTok
    • Jay Alvarrez is a video blogger, Traveller and model with millions of fan around the world
    • Jay Alvarrez coconut oil video shows him with a Russian model Sveta Bilyalova playing in coconut oil over them
    • You will get full Coconut oil video in this article, below.

    Watch Full Video Here

    Jay Alvarrez coconut oil video is trending on social media

    Earlier this month in December, social gone crazy after Jay Alvarrez coconut oil video (A private video of Jay Alvarrez and a girl playing in coconut oil all around them) surfaced on Twitter. The girl in Jay Alvarrez’s leaked Coconut video is Russian Instagram model Sveta Bilyalova, who was also trending on social media for a video titled as “Sveta Bilyalova leaked home movie.” You will find Jay Alvarrez’s Full coconut oil video link below.

    What is Jay Alvarrez Coconut oil video

    The coconut oil video is a private video of Jay Alvarrez with Russian model Sveta Bilyalova. It seems they made this video for the advertisement of coconut oil but in a unique way.

    Purported video shows Jay Alvarrez playing (You know what I mean by ‘playing) with Russian Model, Sveta Bilyalova while pouring oil in a kettle. The video is now known as ‘the coconut oil video of Jay Alvarrez’ because it shows Jay putting coconut oil in the kettle before proceeding to pour it on the model.

    Accompanying the video is Missy Elliot’s song ‘Pass That Dutch’, and if it sounds familiar, then you may have heard it in the teen movie ‘Mean Girls’, where the cast is strutting down the school hallway.

    Here is the Full coconut oil Video

    Since the purported video of Jay Alvarrez appeared online, people on social media platforms are madly hunting for the video but most of them could not find it online because it was removed from many websites. But in this article, we are giving the link to the full coconut oil video of Jay Alvarrez. See full video in the link below.

    Watch Full Coconut Oil Video Here

    Also Watch: Sveta Bilyalova Accuses Jay Alvarrez of blackmailing her and leaking coconut oil video without her Consent.


    Jay Alvarrez is a 25-year-old model and social media influencer from Hawaii. His biggest platform is Instagram, with 6.3 million followers, though he has passed one million subscribers on YouTube.

    He is known for always hanging out at the beach, surfing and sky diving – he is definitely an extreme and water sports enthusiast.


    Sveta Bilyalova is a Russian Instagram model who boasts six million followers on the social media platform where she shares photos of her life.

    The model’s full name is Svetlana, though she goes by the nickname, Sveta, and on Instagram her username is @svetabily.

    According to Meaww, Sveta is 27 years- old.

    You may also recognise Sveta from music videos, and most famously she featured in Future’s music video, ‘Low life.’

    On Sveta’s 2014 blog, she wrote that it was about “fashion, being a mom, and giving great advice.”

    According to Rich Athletes, Sveta has one son, who is around 8 years old, although there has been no official confirmation of this.

    Sveta keeps her personal life under wraps, and her Instagram features photographs of herself.

    Whether Jay and Sveta are currently dating is unknown, but his last high profile relationship was with model Alexis Ren.


    How People are Reacting to the video

    You may have noticed that everyone on your TikTok feed is making videos with coconut oil and gossiping about a certain Jay Alvarrez. But what is the meaning behind it and why are users so shocked by the clip?

    A new trend on TikTok is here but this time, it’s not a dance challenge or a viral filter. It’s actually a video starring model and influencer Jay Alvarrez.


    Now, a lot of users are reacting to the video by making TikToks with #iykyk. Fans are shocked by the video, of course, and most have taken to TikTok to show their reactions. There’s definitely some mixed feedback!

    Apparently, it’s unfortunate for the guys and they will need to step up their game:

    Some of those who have watched some parts of the video are also looking for Jay Alvarrez coconut oil full video as well. See some reactions by the people over Jay Alvarrez’s viral video, below.

    Jay Alvarrez video leak was first revealed by Logan Paul and Mike Majlak on Impulsive podcast

    The leaked video supposedly featuring Jay Alvarrez was revealed by Logan Paul and Mike Majlak on the Impulsive podcast.

    Mike — who is friends with the male model, travel blogger, and surfer — said he was DM’d by a fan who stumbled upon the clip at P****ub.

    The footage, which looked professionally edited and featured more than a little coconut oil, was apparently well buried on the site with just a few thousand views and featured Jay getting intimate with a female Russian model.

    Mike claimed on the show that the woman in question was Russian model Sveta Bilyalova, who has six million followers on her @svetabily Instagram account, although this has not been confirmed by Monsters & Critics.

    Mike began talking about the leaked coconut oil video of Jay Alvarrez, eight minutes into last week’s podcast episode, titled The First Influencer S** Tape, saying, “I believe this is breaking news, by the way,” to which Logan replied, “this is big!”

    Mike continued, “It’s not big yet; it’s going to be big once this episode plays. I don’t know that this is a known fact. Long story short, I get this DM from a fan… that says, ‘yo, Jay Alvarrez dropped a sex tape. It’s on Pornhub.’

    “You know, we’ve had Jay Alvarrez on the show — he’s a stud. He also likes to challenge the status quo, but I said to myself, but would he drop a sex tape? He does campaigns for Guess and s**t, and Esquire, you know, big brands!

    “But I went over to Pornhub, and I searched it out, and you know, hidden in the coffers there, locked up with very little viewership on it, almost like it could have skated under the radar if people on a giant podcast hadn’t talked about it.”

    Watch the complete discussion below (Warning NSFW)

    Video: Mike Majlak talks about Jay Alvarrez coconut oil video

    Jay Alvarrez is an actor, model, travel Vlogger, known for Deported (2021) and 50 Minutes to Save the World (2019).

    Born: July 5, 1995 (age 25 years), O‘ahu, Hawaii, United States. Height: 1.83 m. Nationality: American