Jeff Wittek Shares Uncensored video of his Accident on Patreon – Jeff Wittek Patreon Video

Jeff Wittek shared the uncensored video of his accident, which resulted in an eye-injury, on Patreon and charging five dollars from viewers
Jeff Wittek has Posted the third part of the video of his accident on Patreon

The video shows David Dobrik was swinging Jeff Wittek around while driving the excavator with one hand. David Dobrik has his camera in the other hand filming him.

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Jeff Wittek shared the uncensored video (which is called Episode three) of his accident, which resulted in an eye injury, on Patreon and charging five dollars from viewers to grant them access to the video.

Since June 2020, the internet has been curious on what happened to Jeff Wittek’s eye after he uploaded a mirror selfie revealing eye stitches. He had been keeping it well under wraps until the premiere of episode two of his docu-series Don’t Try This At Home.

Jeff Wittek posted the first-part video on April 18 that discussed his upbringing and working as a barber. His second-part video shared on April 21, though, went into more detail about his accident.

Early on in the video, David Dobrik, Jason Nash, and Wittek talked about how they wanted to pivot to “stunt videos” three months into the pandemic. Dobrik said he texted the Vlog Squad group chat to see if they wanted to jump out of airplanes for YouTube videos.

The video showed that some of the content creators began sky-diving without David Dobrik participating. He said he was playing video games. Wittek described that they were sky-diving six to seven times a day.

At one point, Dobrik and Nash arrived to film stunt videos with Wittek and other members of the Vlog Squad.

The video clip (Jeff Wittek’s accident video) showed Dobrik handling an excavator on a body of water, with Corinna Kopf dangling off a rope while Dobrik allegedly controlled the machine’s movement. Kopf jumped off the rope and Wittek jumped on. You can watch the Jeff Wittek accident video, below.
Video shows how Jeff Wittek got an eye-injury

Wittek described that the stunt looked easy in comparison to sky-diving.

Screenshot of Jeff Wittek's Patreon video shows David Dobrik sitting on the driving seat of the excavator while holding the gears with one hand
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“What’s the worst that could happen if I swing from a rope over a one-foot deep lake,” he described how he felt at the time. “And yeah, I didn’t know I was gonna go that fast. So I grabbed the f*cking rope and I tried to make a goddamn funny video for people.”

Wittek continued: “But this is where I made a mistake. I forgot that the biggest f*cking idiot I know was driving it.”

The video then showed Wittek falling into the water, face first.

Jeff Wittek Shows Brutal Aftermath of His Scary Accident and Says He ‘Almost Died’ in the Episode Three on YouTube and Patreon

In the newest video in part three of the series, Wittek is showing even more from the brutal aftermath of his accident. Here’s what happened. On April 26, 2021, Jeff Wittek shared the censored version of the Episode three on his YouTube channel.

“Censored version of Episode 3 is now live on YouTube. Uncensored on Patreon. Thanks so much for the support I can’t put into words how much it means to me. love y’all,” Wittek said in a tweet.

The third part of Wittek’s series gave even more details about his accident. The YouTube clip, Jeff Wittek posted, is the censored version of events, while he is charging five dollars on his Patreon for the uncesored video clip.

However, some parts of Jeff Wittek’s Patreon video were shared on Twitter by some users who have the subscription to Jeff Wittek’s Patreon page and screenrecorded the video clip from Patreon. You can watch Jeff Wittek’s Patreon video on Twitter by this link.

Jeff Wittek’s Patreon video shows some graphic footage which some users may not find suitable to watch.

“When I woke up in the hospital, I was in shock,” Wittek said in a voiceover.

He described all of the injuries he received in the aftermath of his accident. Wittek listed: “tore ligaments” in his leg; broke his foot and hip, “shattered” his skull in nine places; “shattered” his eye socket; “almost lost” his eye; and “almost died.”

A doctor explained later in the video that if Wittek had landed in the water “three millimeters higher” at the same angle, his eye would’ve been “cut right in half.”

The doctor said: “You could’ve died so easy.”

Video of Jeff Wittek Episode Three

Dobrik’s voice was heard visiting Wittek in the hospital.

“Holy sh*t, Jeff, I thought you were dead,” Dobrik said. After that, he made a joke about Wittek saying he was a male model as his occupation. Dobrik then laughed at Wittek.

While on a phone call with his mom, Wittek said that he was getting the “best medical attention” and that Dobrik was paying for it.

Wittek asked Dobrik to come to the hospital dressed as The Joker in a nurse uniform from The Dark Knight. The pair laughed together. The YouTuber continued to say that he did not blame Dobrik for the accident.

“I didn’t sign up to swing around an excavator at 60 miles per hour,” he expressed. “David, he didn’t sign up to nearly kill his friend and nearly lose everything that he’s worked for. Nobody asked for this. But this is what happened.”

Wittek explained that he didn’t waste any time getting back to work. He said he didn’t take a week off. After the accident, he filmed with TikToker Dixie D’Amelio while he wore a neck brace. Wittek didn’t tell his YouTube guests the extent of his injuries.

“Not telling everybody made it a lot harder,” he commented. “Everything that keeps me sane in life now is gone. Everything that makes me happy is gone. Now I have to learn new ways to cope.”

Jeff Wittek described feeling resentful toward Dobrik after the accident. He also implied that Dobrik didn’t “check” up on him, either. At the end of the clip, Wittek teased a face-to-face conversation with Dobrik in the next part of the series.

David Dobrik’s representative did not return a request for comment by the time of publication.