A couple of days ago, Mufti KifayatUllah of JUI-F said something funny without sense in a live tv show. He siad “Wiki of WikiLeaks is cousin of Jemima Khan and they (Imran Khan, Jemima Khan and Wiki) are Jewish agents. Watch the video below.

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Without realising his “nonsense” allegations, Mufti KifayatUllah kept insisting that “Wiki” is Jemima’s cousin.

Video: Wikki is cousin of Jemima Khan.

Jemima Khan who is ex-wife of prime minister Imran Khan of Pakistan, heard the story and laughed out louder. She eventually came on Twitter with funny taunts. Watch the funny reactions of Jemima Goldsmith (Jemima Khan) on the statement of Mufti KifayatUllah, below.

After the funny statement of Mufti KifayatUllah and the response from Jemima Khan, the hashtag #VickyLeaks became the top trend on Twitter.

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