JF-17 vs Rafale (JF-17 Thunder Vs Dassault Rafale)
Image: Jf-17 Thunder on the left, Dassault Rafale on right.

Indian Air Force (IAF) is going to induct Dassault Rafale in their fighter Jets fleet. They just received 1st Rafale Jet from France in the last week. Dassault Rafale is undoubtedly a very advance fighter Jet and its capabilities got more enhanced after the use of Cow-piss, Lemon and Coconut by the Indian defence minister. But on other hands, Pakistan Air Force has JF-17 thunder. For Non-Indian, Nti-Pakistani users, complete technical comparison of “JF-17 and Rafale” is given below the description.

Air Marshal (retd) Shahid Lateef tells the difference between JF-17 Thunder and Dassault Rafale, and which one is better. Air Marshal Shahid Lateef is the one who brought 1st F-16 from the USA to Pakistan. He was project Director of JF-17 thunder also.

Pakistan Air force is using JF-17 Thunder Block 2 and JF-17 Thunder Block Bravo (B) at the moment. In February 2019, Pakistan Air force proved the effectiveness of JF-17 by shooting down an Indian Mig-21 and SUKHOI 30 (SU-30).

And now Pakistan Air force is going to induct JF-17 thunder Block 3 with advance BVR weapons like PL-15 BVR MISSILES. After induction of these advance fighter Jets in both Air forces of Rival countries, people wonder about JF-17 Thunder Vs Dassault Rafale and want to know which one is better. In the video above, Air Marshal Shahid Lateef briefly explains JF-17 Thunder Vs Dassault Rafale and which one is better in them.

Technical Comparision – JF-17 Vs Rafale

NameDassault RafaleJF-17 Thunder
TypeMultirole Fighter JetMultirole combat Aircraft
OriginFranceChina and Pakistan (Joint Project)
Operational Since 19862007
Cost (Unit)Rafale B: €74M (flyaway cost, FY2013)
Rafale C: €68.8M (flyaway cost, FY2013)
 Rafale M: €79M (flyaway cost, FY2011)
$30 Million (approximately)


Range3700 Km3400 Km (Block 2)
NA (Block 3)
Maximum speed1.8 Mach (1912 km/hour1.6 Mach (1960.1 km/h)
2 Mach (Block 3)
Service Ceiling15,235 meters16,900 meters
Weight empty10.3 tons6.6 tons
Maximum weight24.5 tons12.4 tons
Length15.27 meters14.93 meters
Wing Spans10.80 meters9.48 meters
Height5.34 meters4.72 meters


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