Jim Rice Saves Child video – Baseball Player rescues Child – 1982

    August 8, 1982. Jim Rice moves injured child from stands and places into dugout where team medical saves child’s life. Later, upon discovery that family had limited finances, he paid their medical bills.

    He is trending on social media once again and people wish to know more about his brilliant effort. Keep reading below for the whole story and the video.

    Jim Rice Hall of Fame Baseball Player saves 4 year old boy after being struck by a foul ball (not off his bat); goes back into the game with blood soaked uniform. Visits child in the hospital and ends up paying for medical expense.

    August 71982. The Red Sox were playing an afternoon game at Boston’s Fenway Park. Suddenly a screaming foul ball whizzed past the first base dugout, and Red Sox left fielder Jim Rice heard the unmistakable sound of the ball striking flesh. Looking around the corner of the dugout into the stands, Rice saw 4-year-old Jonathan Keane bleeding profusely from his head. Realizing in a split second that it would take several minutes for park EMTs to get to the scene, the future Hall of Famer sprang into action.

    Rice leaped over the railing into the stands, cradled the young fan into his arms, and carried the boy into the dugout, where he received immediate attention from the team’s medical staff. Within just a few minutes, Jonathan was rushed to the hospital, where doctors credited Rice with saving the boy’s life. Jim Rice played the rest of the game in a blood-stained uniform, a true badge of courage.