Justin Ryan train video goes viral after the boy gets bullied in a train

Justin Ryan’s train video goes viral after the boy (Justin Ryan) gets bullied on a train because of his disability. The incident happened almost a year ago but the video (Justin Ryan train video) resurfaced on TikTok recently and people are curious to know more about Justin Ryan and his train video.

Justin Ryan is a teenage TikTok user with some mental disabilities, who was quite famous on Facebook a few years ago. He lives in Brisbane. A few years earlier, He was posting videos of himself and his girlfriend, Gemma Sullivan, doing different stunts, on his Facebook page. It should be noted that his girlfriend, Gemma Sullivan, famously known as Gem Gem or the Gemma of ‘Don’t f*CK with Gem Gem’ fame.

Unfortunately, they (Justin Ryan and Gemma Sullivan) didn’t become popular because of their videos. They became popular for being bullied online only because of their disability. Yes, it’s a sad truth.

Below is a video which is A short section of one of Gemma’s YouTube rants. (Post continues after video)

However, with time, people forgot him and Gemma Sullivan and he couldn’t become popular on TikTok.

Lets talk about Justin Ryan’s train video. Earlier last year, Justin Ryan was on a train when he got bullied (got jumped) by some random boys.

The video shows Justin Ryan sitting on the seat in a train while some boys can be heard throwing hateful words at him. While Justin Ryan tells the boys to go away, they kept humiliating him. In the meantime, Justin gets up from his seat to confront the bullies. The video ends here but it was later determined that he was beaten by those boys afterward. Watch Justin Ryan’s train video, below.

After the incident, Justin Ryan posted a video on his little YouTube channel, explaining the train incident video and the whole incident.

In the video, Justin Ryan said that he wasn’t get jumped on the train. However, few freaking guys were bullying him.

Who are Justin Ryan and Gemma Sullivan

Justin Ryan is a Facebook famous small YouTuber from Brisbane with 3,550 subscribers to his YouTube channel. Back in 2015, he had a girlfriend, Gemma Sullivan, with some mental disabilities.

Justin Ryan and Gemma Sullivan were posting their relationship updates on Facebook. But they got bullied online at that time.

We know not much about the couple. Here’s what social media tells us: Gemma lives in Brisbane. She’s 18 years old. She has 26,200 followers on Instagram. She’s dating Justin Ryan. She smokes weed, drinks a lot, and talks about sex a lot too. She has a YouTube channel, a Snapchat account, and several Facebook pages dedicated to her. She’s abused constantly across all her social media platforms, and yet still posts almost daily.

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