Kartel Pikabu video Telegram – viral Video Footage by Pikabu Ru Story

  • Kartel Pikabu Ru Story known as Kartel Pikabu Telegram video is currently trending on social media
  • Pikabu is a Russian website which uploads some insane video clips of Drug dealers, Cartels and Criminal groups
  • A video posted on Pikabu website, which then shared on Telegram and labelled as Kartel Pikabu Telegram video, is currently trending on TikTok and Twitter

The Telegram video of Kartel Pikabu has gone viral on social media websites. Continue reading this article to find out more specific details about Kartel Pikabu Ru story


There are even a few reaction videos on TikTok where people are crying uncontrollably. People’s heads were thrown into a loop as soon as the video went viral. Some people believe that the Kartel Pikabu Ru video is about a child’s murder that was posted online.

Watch: Kartel Pikabu Video Telegram- Child Footage

Secert behind Kartel Pikabu Telegram, Child Footage Pikabu Ru Story Youtube|FULL VIDEO IS HERE.

Child Footage From Kartel Pikabu on Telegram 

A video of Kartel Pikabu is currently doing the rounds on the internet. Those who have seen the video have experienced a difficult time in their lives. 


It, like in this case, continues to occupy the minds of spectators while it is being seen. 

As a technique to get to such images, viewers of the photos printed on Tiktok or Youtube must know what they’re watching. 

There will, however, be no films or photographs to view. Kartel Pikabu is his stage name, and everyone knows who he is. Ru Video features some graphic footage of a horrific kid massacre that may be too difficult to publish in public. The footage was first disseminated on Telegram before being made public on Youtube. Meanwhile, there isn’t a detailed explanation of what the movies are about. 

Kartel, Pikabu Ru Kolunu’s video quickly became popular before being removed from the social media network. The video was circulated in private message groups. It started on Telegram and quickly moved to other social media sites, including Twitter and YouTube. 


The story of Pikabu Ru Kolunu, a little Russian k1d, is well-known throughout Russia. Many prospects have written to tell others about the story in Russian. According to early estimations, the boy’s story has something to do with Russian territory. 

Those who have seen the video, on the other hand, are urging others not to watch it, stating that it shows ch1ld violence. The oldsters have been gripped by Kartel Pikabu Ru’s story. People are afraid to watch the video and find out what happens.

Due to its nature, we are not Uploading the purported video here and we will advise you to not watch it. However, if you are willing to take risk, here is the link to Kartel Pikabu Telegram video.

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