Kashmir hour on Friday, 30 August 2019, afternoon at 12:00 pm whole Pakistan halted for 30 minutes. All traffic signals stayed red for a complete 30 minutes. Thousands of people were on the streets holding Play cards of Solidarity With Kashmir. Pakistan was hosting Kashmir hour in the solidarity with the people of Indian occupied Kashmir. Prime Minister Imran Khan called for Kashmir hour one day before. Here is the speech of prime minister Imran Khan at Kashmir hour in Islamabad.

Imran Khan’s speech at Kashmir hour

According to details, India is keeping Kashmiri people under curfew since last 27 days after revoking the special status of Jammu and Kashmir by demolishing Article 35A and 37A. Indian army is practising the massive human rights violations in of the history in I.O.K. Pakistan and prime minister of Pakistan raising the protest throughout the world to make them speak against Human rights violations in Kashmir.

Pakistan hosts Kahsmir hour un solidarity with the people of Indian occupied Kashmir
People gathered in Pakistan’s Capital city Islamabad during Kashmir hour.

“The world is silent because the people of Kashmir are Muslims. They would speak if Kashmiri were from any other religion”. Imran Khan pointed in his speech. He said “I will fight the war for Kashmir in the whole world. I will be the voice of Kashmir in the world”. During his visit to the USA, Khan had urged American president Donald Trump to intervene in Kashmir issue and help to solve it. He is in contact with British prime minister, the French head of state, German chancellor Angela Merkel and many other heads of states to take steps in solving Kashmir Issue by putting pressure on the Indian government.

Khan added that the ideology of RSS and BJP is identical to Hitler. They want Hindituva (Hindu dominance) in India. But it will lead to complete destruction. Imran Khan warned the world that India’s ambitious mentality can lead toward nuclear war in the region and it will affect the whole world. If the world will stay silent on the Kashmir, they will have to see the consequences as Pakistan and India both are nuclear powers with more than 300 Nuclear weapons. Imran Khan warned India to not try any adventure or false flag operation in IOK.

How World Responded on Kashmir Hour

Kashmir Hour took the largest coverage of the history on global media and on social media. New York Times published an article of PM Imran Khan today with the Title “The World Can’t ignore Kashmir- We are all in Danger”. According to BBC news, people of Jammu and Kashmir facing worst torture and humiliations of history.

BBC reports the situation in Kashmir

The #Kashmirhour is trending in top global trends on Twitter. The hashtag #Kashmirhour received 198,000 tweets during the last 4 hours only.

The trend #Kashmirhour became top global trend on Twitter
Image: Screenshot of Twitter Trends on 30 August 2019.

Current Situation in Indian occupied Kashmir

Around 8 million Kashmiri people are still under siege even after clear orders of India’s supreme court to lift off the curfew from the valley. There are hundreds of sick people who are unable to reach for medical treatments. Kids are not going to schools since the curfew begun on 3 August 2019. There were already 800,000 Indian army troops in Kashmir valley. But India has increased the number of soldiers by sending more 60,000 fresh troops. With so many numbers of Army soldiers in the civilian population, Kashmir becomes the most militarized area in the world. It seems that India is planing a massive ethnic cleansing in Jammu and Kashmir to change the Demographics. Since 1989, The Indian Army has already killed 95,238 innocent Kashmiri people. Read complete details of the current situation in Indian occupied Kashmir here.

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