In his previous address to the nation, Prime minister Imran Khan told that he will stand for Kashmir and he will become the voice of Kashmir in the whole world. He is also given a call for a countywide Kashmir solidarity demonstration. Friday noon at 12:00-12:30 pm, on 30 August 2019, all the signals in whole Pakistan will turn red for 30 minutes and the life will halt for half an hour. The demonstration is to show solidarity with the people of Indian occupied Kashmir. Here is how Pakistani people respond to the call of prime minister Imran Khan.

Response of the public on the call of pm Imran Khan
Imran Khan asks Nation to stand in solidarity with the people of Indian occupied Kashmir.

Kashmir is under siege since the past 30 days. Indian army is putting curfew and people of Kashmir have no way to connect with the outside world. Because the Indian government has disconnected all the media and cellular networks in the valley of Kashmir. Kashmiri people who were already suffering the brutality of Indian army for 72 years are facing the worst days during this curfew. People are sick, people are hungry, but they are not allowed to go to hospitals.

Apparently, the world is silent on these human rights violations in Kashmir. But there are few who are raising the voice. Pakistan is the only country which is pushing the world to solve the Kashmir issue according to the resolutions of United nations. Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered all the embassies to establish Kashmir cells in every country. Because of the voice of Imran Khan, after 4 decades, the United Nations security council was forced to hold a meeting on Kashmir issue.

And the people of Pakistan are supporting Imran Khan in his efforts to support Kashmir.

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