Kashmiri Boy Slams Tarek Fatah in The Live Tv Show


Pakistani but traitor Tarek Fatah is always spitting poison against Pakistan while sitting on Indian Tv channels. But this time he came before a Kashmiri boy Waqar Bhatti. Tarek Fatah called Waqar Bhatti and other people of Indian occupied Kashmir “Beggers”. The intense argument started between both. Watch the video below.

Video Credit: Haqeeqat Radio.

Using his conventional cheap language, Tarek Fatah said “you are not Kashmiri but a Punjabi, and is Imran Khan your father?” In the response to verbal attacks of Fatah, Waqar Bhatti upladed “I think Trump is your father that’s why you left Pakistan”.

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The Tv show in which Tarek Fatah fought with Waqar Bhatti was aired on India’s New channel “Tv9 BharatVarsh”. Watch the complete video of arguments between Tarek Fatah and Waqar Bhatti.

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