Kellyanne Conway Posts Her Daughter Picture on Twitter fleet, Sparks outrage – Claudia Conway fleet picture

  • Kellyanne Conway shared an Inappropriate picture of her daughter Claudia Conway onto her Twitter fleet then deletes after the outrage
  • Kellyanne Conway is ex-counsellor to former President Trump and she has been accused by the daughter Claudia Conway of verbally abusing her and committing domestic violence against the daughter
  • Kellyanne Conway’s Twitter fleet picture shows Claudia Conway taking a selfie before the mirror
  • People accusing Kellyanne Conway of blackmailing her daughter by posting this kind of picture on her Twitter Fleets
Kellyanne Conway posts Inappropriate picture of her daughter Claudia Conway onto her Twitter fleet then deletes after the outrage
Kellyanne Conway Posts Teen Daughter’s Nude Picture on Fleet; Claudia Sends Morse Code for help

Twitter gone into frenzy after an inappropriate picture of Claudia Conway, daughter of Kellyanne Conway appeared on Kellyanne Conway’s Twitter fleet. Kellyanne Conway’s three million Twitter followers and many others believe, Kellyanne Conway posted the photo of Claudia Conway on Twitter felet, in order to blackmail her and revenge against her.

You can See Screenshots of Kellyanne Conway’s Twitter fleet picture here

Now deleted Kellyanne Conway Twitter fleet picture shows Claudia is taking selfie photo before a mirror in her washroom. It was not confirmed why Kellyanne Conway shared her daughter picture on Twitter fleet. But many believe she intentionally posted her daughter picture for the revenge against Claudia who was exposing her for being abusive by sharing several TikTok videos during past few days.

During the last week, Claudia Conway has posted several videos showing her mom verbally abusing her, on her TikTok account. After watching the videos of Kellyanne Conway’s abusive behaviour with her daughter, people were demanding the arrest of Kellyanne Conway.


The leaked videos of Kellyanne Conway were recorded by Claudia when she was cursing her daughter and accusing her for sending hate.

According to further details, Kellyanne Conway, ex-counselor to former President Trump, allegedly posted a topless picture of her 16-year-old daughter Claudia Conway on Twitter fleet on Monday. Kellyanne Conway deleted the purported photo after few moments but hundreds have seen the picture and took the Screenshots of Kellyanne Conway’s Twitter fleet.

The picture shared by Kellyanne Conway was so inappropriate that users want Twitter to ban Kellyanne Conway and want police to arrest her for spreading C.P.

Reached for comment, a Twitter representative told that the Twitter’s teams are investigating the incident. Kellyanne Conway could not be reached for comment.

Kellyanne Conway, the mother of Claudia Conway

According to screen captures posted by Twitter users, here, Kellyanne Conway’s account (@KellyannePolls) shared an image of her topless teenage daughter using Twitter’s recently launched Fleets feature, which deletes posts after a 24-hour period (similar to Instagram and Snapchat’s stories).

Kellyanne Conway deleted the Fleet which was showing the picture of Claudia Conway. But Twitter users have already taken the Screenshots of Kellyanne Conway’s Twitter fleet showing her daughter picture.

On TikTok, Claudia Conway on Monday posted videos confirming that the picture was authentic; those have since been deleted from her TikTok account but Twitter users reposted copies of the videos.

In the videos, a visibly upset Claudia Conway speculated that her mother may have accidentally posted the image. “I’m assuming my mom took a picture of it to use against me one day and then somebody hacked her or something,” she said. “I’m literally at a loss for words. If you see it, report it.”

In one of the TikTok videos, Claudia Conway said that “nobody would ever have any photo like that, ever. So, Kellyanne, you’re going to f**king jail.”

Last week, Claudia posted a series of TikTok videos accusing her mother of physical and verbal abuse, according to reposts of the clips on Twitter.

In August 2020, Kellyanne Conway announced that she was exiting her White House post to focus on her family after Claudia claimed she was seeking emancipation from her parents over alleged “trauma and abuse.”

In 2019, the U.S. Office of Special Counsel cited Kellyanne Conway for repeated violations of the Hatch Act, an ethics law prohibiting government officials from using their official capacity to advocate for or against political candidates. The OSC’s report, which recommended that Trump fire Conway, found that she had on numerous occasions “disparag[ed] Democratic presidential candidates while speaking in her official capacity during television interviews and on social media.”

Claudia Conway Responds to Kellyanne Conway’s Twitter fleet picture by sending Morse code

It seems that Claudia Conway was unaware of what her mother posted on Twitter fleet late night. She came to know when she saw a TikTok fan talking about Kellyanne Conway posting Claudia’s topless photo on Twitter fleet.

At the first instant, she thought it was a joke. But after seeing the Screenshots of Kellyanne Conway’s Twitter fleet, she said “haha it’s real goodbye world.” She further commented “I am safe from myself.” In another comment, Claudia added “I am so done guys this cannot be my life.”

See the comments of Claudia Conway in the Screenshots below.

Claudia Conway comments after her mother Kellyanne Conway shared her private picture on Twitter fleet
Claudia Responds in the comment regarding Kellyanne Conway's Twitter fleet photo

After that she sent Morse Code seeking help. See the Screenshot, below.

Claudia Conway seeks help by Sending Morse Code after her mother leaked her private selfie picture to Twitter Fleets

Public Reaction over Kellyanne Conway’s Twitter fleet picture showing her daughter Claudia Conway

People on social media are raging after Kellyanne Conway shared her daughter picture on her Twitter Fleets.

Twitter user ‘Sofie Halili’ wrote:

“um can we please talk about abusive mother kellyanne conway leaking her 16 year old daughter’s n**es in a fleet while claudia fights for emancipation… she is literally begging in MORSE F**KING CODE for people to help her on tiktok.”

“To those who want to actually help Claudia Conway after her mom (Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s former aide) posted her underage daughter’s n**es to Fleets, fill out a report on the NCMEC CyberTipline.
CPS refused to help her,” another Twitter user SassYzeni said in the response to Claudia Conway’s leaked picture by her mother Kellyanne Conway.

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