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Loose Women viewers praise TOWIE star Kirk Norcross for opening up on losing his dad Mick to suicidee one year ago. Kirk Norcross Loose Women video is getting lots of popularity.

Kirk Norcross Loose Women video

Kirk Norcross opening up about losing his dad to mental health is so heartbreaking, mental health needs to be a priority, & mental health within men needs to be taken more seriously, please talk to someone if you feel you can’t cope because you are not alone.

Kirk Norcross Loose Women video
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Kirk Norcross talking about his dad Mick, is truly heartbreaking. And this is the reality for many people over the last 2 years. Mental Health crisis is recognised, but completely ignored. We NEED to do more and start focusing on other health issues. #LooseWomen

Here is some people reaction on this .Loose Women viewers in tears as devastated Kirk Norcross recalls dad’s death.

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