Komal Usman Story – Facts About Usman and Komal Shahid Video/Trend

Komal Usman story and all facts about #Komal and #Usman trend.

Komal Usman Viral Story making the highlights on social media and people are wondering “who are Usman and Komal Shahid”. A hashtag of a Pakistani “Freind Zoned” boy Usman Started on the Twitter last week on October 13, 2019, and became viral overnight. Along With the Hashtag of #Usman, people were using another hashtag #Komal also. Thousands of Hilarious memes popping up on social media with Hilarious Joke.


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But many innocent people are still unaware of the story behind this “Freind Zoned” trends on Twitter. Some fantasy seekers think that some Video of Usman and Komal Shahid became viral which lead to these Twitter trends. Hundreds of youngster were searching for Usman and Komal Shahid video on the internet. Even before the complete research I asked my friends about Usman and Komal Shahid’s video.

But the actual story is completely different than what most young people thought as “viral video of Usman and Komal Shahid“.


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Usman and komal Shahid video
Image: Screengrab from Twitter.

From here, I will explain to you all the facts about this trending story. But If you don’t like reading then watch the video of Usman and Komal Shahid below. Otherwise, keep reading to learn about these two trneding personalities and all other funny memes related to their story.

Video of Komal Shahid and Usman.

Komal Shahid and beginning of Komal, Usman Viral Story.

This all started with a midnight tweet of a Twitter user “@TheKomalShahid” and her tweet is was as below:

“I texted Usman I wanna eat something at this time (Midnight) and he just brought this to me 😭 Y’all need a friend like Usman in your life”.

Tweet of Komal Shahid starting “friend zoned” trends

Many people couldn’t find the picture of Komal Shahid because she put privacy on her Twitter account. But some of her real life friends posted her picture which is given below.

Komal Shahid of Viral Story #Usman
Image: Twitter . Picture of Komal Shahid the beginner of viral trend about “Freind Zoned” boy Usman.

She posted the Tweet with attached pictures of Delicious cookies, picture of Tuc biscuits and Snacks raped in wonderful chocolate to show his followers “How kind her Friend Usman is”. After this tweet, social media Trollers jumped in trolling “friend-zoned” boy Usman with Hilarious comments, jokes and funny memes. People were tagging their friends with the sentence “You all need a friend like Usman in your life“. This so much trolling by social media users forced the Komal to restrict her Twitter account from public access. But many people already took a screenshot of her tweet which is shown below.

Tweet of Komal Shahid which started the "friend zoned" trends #Usman and #Komal on social media.
Image: Screenshot from Komal Shahid’s Twitter account.

Trolling to The “Freind Zoned” boy Usman.

Even half of the public use to sleep at the time when she tweeted about her beloved and kind friend “Usman“. But in no time the awaked users picked it up and until the morning, 18 thousand tweets appeared with the hashtags #Komal, #KomalShahid, #friendlikeusman, #Snackspict and #Usman.

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The trolling didn’t stay there on Twitter only. Since the trend became viral, the number of memes, jokes, tweets and Facebook posts reached over hundreds of thousands.

The “Friend Zoned” boy Usman even replaced Kashif of Nibbi which was another similar viral story last year. Watch the funny screenshot below.

Hafsa Farooq Tweets the reaction of Kashif and Nibbi on Komal Usman.

Celebrities, Politicians and movie actors As Komal and Usman

A troller came up with the photo of MQM’s founder Altaf Hussain, praying as Usman after getting this much troll.


Finally, we got Usman and Komal as Prince William and Kate Middleton landed in Pakistan.

Ali thinks the Royal Couple is actually Usman (Prince William) and Komal (Kate Middleton).

Huzaifa Abbasi wishes marriage between Usman and Komal. Watch the funny tweet below.


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Meanwhile, Usman and Komal spotted in National assembly of Pakistan (Tweet quoted the Photo of Pakistani politicians Talal Chaudhary and Maryam Aurangzeb while throwing flying kisses at each other.

Foodpanda reshaped as Usmanda.

Trolling "Friend Zoned" boy with the logo of an online Food delivery chain.

How poor she is. Watch this funny tweet of “@Komalsaysss” following the trend below.

The Trollers hits on Cheif minister of Punjab “Usman Buzdar” and says he is the actual Usman who brought cookies and Snacks for Komal In the midnight (Just Trolling).


Even some Twitter users tried to divert the flood of trolling towards some “Ayesha” who sent gifts for her friend. Watch the effort below.

And here is Usman’s Reaction after reading all tweets about him.


Online Shopping Stores, Food Chains and Careem Taxi service Tried to Take advantage of Viral “Friend Zoned” trend

Famous online Taxi Service “Careem Pakistan” even came up with an advertisement using the viral Trend of Usman. Watch the screenshot of their advertisement below.

Image: Screenshot from Careem Pakistan’s Campaign.

Daraz Pakistan (Online Shopping Store) also took advantage of what is viral on social media and used the name of Usman and Komal as an example of best friendship.

Usman ne Komal ko Refer kardia!

Usman the only friend you need” is even printed on the T-shirts now after the viral story of #KomalUsman.

Here are some more online shopping websites using the name of Usman for their advertisement campaigns.


We are not sure, how long this trend will go, and how much more trolling Usman and Komal are going to receive but right now, #Usman and #Komal are among the top trends on Twitter, Facebook and even Google search showing the related Query as a top suggestion. Watch the screenshots below.

Also, Watch what Google shows if You search “Top Harami Country in the world”.

Google suggests “Komal Usman” if you just types in few letters.

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