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Next Friday, March 10, Kong: Skull Island arrives in theaters, the relaunch of the saga in which Warner has invested a whopping 190 million dollars. A very ambitious bet, but necessary in order to offer the public a first-class show that leaves people wanting to see their already announced confrontation against Godzilla.


Although the gigantic ape and the rest of the monstrous creatures will be a great claim for many, it should not be forgotten that it will be the first time we see Brie Larson since she won the Oscar for her brilliant performance in ‘The Room’ (‘Room’) and that for the occasion she is accompanied by Tom Hiddleston in what could be her first great success away from Marvel.

The argument

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A team of explorers ventures into the interior of the treacherous island to find the brother of the expedition leader and also a much-needed serum for them. Along the way, you will come across all kinds of extraordinary creatures, including the mythical King Kong.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts, the director

Kong: Skull Island' is the second feature film by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who until now had only made 'The Kings of Summer', an indie production very well received during the 2013 Sundance Festival

‘Kong: Skull Island’ is the second feature film by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who until now had only made ‘The Kings of Summer’, an indie production very well received during the 2013 Sundance Festival. I suspect that its operation at the box office will depend on finally trusting him to bring to the big screen ‘Metal Gear Solid’, a project in which his possible presence behind the cameras was rumored.

However, Vogt-Roberts’ career is much longer than all that, as he also shot 2010 the short film ‘Successful Alcoholics’ starring T.J. Miller, Lizzy Caplan, and Tony Hale, in addition to dealing with several episodes of series such as ‘Death Valley’ or You’re the Worst, also participating in other television productions such as ‘Funny or Die Presents…, Mash Up’ or ‘Nick Offerman: American Ham.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts

Two years ago he also directed the pilot of ‘Cocked’ for Amazon, but the company did not decide to go ahead with the series. In addition, he was also responsible for the web series Memoirs of a Manchild’ and ‘Book Club. A very versatile man who seems to have now found a place of privilege in Hollywood.


Tom Hiddleston’s career changed forever when Marvel signed him to play Loki, as he had previously focused his efforts on the small screen with titles such as ‘Suburban Shootout’ or ‘Wallander’. In fact, his works on the big screen have been almost all during the current decade with titles such as ‘War Horse’, ‘Only Lovers Left Alive’, ‘Hank Williams, a voice adrift’ (‘I Saw the Light’), ‘High-Rise’ or ‘The Scarlet Summit’ (‘Crimson Peak’).

Last year we could see him in The Night Manager, for which he was awarded a Golden Globe, and after ‘Kong: Skull Island’ he will premiere the highly anticipated ‘Thor: Ragnarok’. Brie Larson will also be seen sooner rather than later in the Marvel universe giving life to Captain Marvel, so it is not ruled out that she will coincide with Hiddleston again in the near future.

Larson also began to stand out on the small screen thanks to her work in ‘Raising Dad’, although it was years later when she began to be really known by the public thanks to her participation in ‘United States of Tara’, while on the big screen her career took off thanks to her excellent performance in ‘The Lives of Grace’ (‘Short Term 12’). Then we saw her in ‘The Gambler’ and ‘The Room’.

There are other faces in the cast of ‘Kong: Skull Island’ that audiences will immediately recognize: Samuel L. Jackson, one of Hollywood’s most prolific actors – hopefully here he is more inspired than in ‘xXx: Reactivated’ or Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children), John Goodman – an injustice that was not nominated for an Oscar for ‘Cloverfield Street 10′ (’10 Cloverfield Lane’)-, John C. Reilly, another who works as much or more than Jackson, or Toby Kebbell.

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Also participating are Corey Hawkins, the protagonist of the television ’24: Legacy’, Jing Tian, recently seen in ‘The Great Wall’, John Ortiz -‘ Steve Jobs’-, Thomas Mann, the protagonist of the tired ‘Project X’, Terry Notary, Shea Whigham, known for his participation in ‘Boardwalk Empire’, and Jason Mitchell, who already coincided with Hawkins in the estimable ‘Straight Outta Compton’.

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