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    Krosno Video viral on Twitter – Twitter Krosno Film explained



    Krosno video (Krosno film) is trending on Twitter and TikTok and people are sharing memes to viral video clip.

    Screenshot of Krosno video on Twitter

    On September 18, 2022, Polish Twitter flooded with memes and reactions to an insane video clip, known as Krosno film or Krosno video. Following the viral video, Krosna also trending on Twitter.

    Krosna trending on Twitter

    Yet many people are confused and unaware about the nature of Krosna film, those who have watched the video are asking others to not type “Krosno” on Twitter.

    Krosno video explained

    The viral “Krosno video” shows a guy offering carrot to three people one by one. Two of them accept to eat the carrot while third refuses. The viral video is also labelled as “krosno video menel.”

    You can watch Twitter Krosno Film (Krosno video) by going on this link.


    See reactions to Krosno video on Twitter.

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