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    La Brea Accident video – Slauson accident 6 people Died


    Recently, an incident came out in which 6 people d1ed. La Brea accident video is getting viral on social media platforms. Everyone is talking about the Slauson acc1dent video.

    In the Windsor Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles. A violent collision at an intersection claimed the lives of at least six individuals, including an infant and a pregnant mother. There were at least six cars in the collision.

    La Brea Accident video - Slauson accident 6 people Died

    An ordinary junction with a steady traffic flow is depicted in a new—horrifying CCTV video of the collision before a black Mercedes blasts through a red light like a rocket.

    The collision was reported at the intersection of La Brea and Slauson avenues at around 1:30. According to the CHP, a newborn and a pregnant woman were among the four to five people who perished in the collision and fires.

    Eight injured people were transferred to a hospital. According to the authorities, two adults and six children each suffered minor wounds. Reported that five persons had died at the scene.

    The CHP confirmed that another person had been discovered in one of the burning cars at around 8 p.m., bringing the total death toll to six.

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    La Brea AccIdent Video -Explained

    Authorities say five people were killed and nine others injured in a dramatic, multi-car crash on Thursday in Windsor Hills.

    A Mercedes coupe traveling south on La Brea Avenue at 1:30 p.m. Ran a red light and caused a pileup at the intersection with Slauson Avenue, injuring several people.

    The CHP claims that a grey Mercedes crashed into a group of around a dozen other vehicles after the driver blew a red light at the intersection of La Brea Avenue and Slauson.

    La Brea AccIdent Video -Explained

    Then two cars, a Mercedes and another, took fire.

    Debra Jackson, a victim of the collision, told CBSLA what she saw.

    There was a sudden, deafening explosion, but when Jackson turned around, the flames engulfed them. “When I tried to get out of my burning automobile to drive to a gas station, they told me to jump out. After parking, I immediately jumped out of the car and did not return to it.

    I was sitting in the silver car trailing the white truck on NB La Brea, ready to make a left turn. There was no time for us to react to the news of an accident, and it looked like a car had exploded right in front of us. Quite distressing and disturbing.

    The accident was horrible because one person’s mistake takes the life of an innocent person. The driver was drunk that’s why people are criticizing the Slauson accident. Want to be up to date visit our site.

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