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Emporium Mall Lahore Cinema Video Scandal -Leaked CCTV Explict videos

Watch Emporium Mall Lahore Cinema video scandal. All three CCTV leaked videos are available here. To watch Emporium mall Lahore Cinema CCTV Leaked video scandal, Keep scrolling down. In this article, you will also get the complete details of this viral leaked video scandal.

1st CCTV video of Emporium mall cinema Lahore.

According to details A couple of days before the Emporium mall Lahore Cinema Video scandal became viral on social media platforms. An employ from Emporium Mall Cinema Lahore Leaked CCTV explicit videos of couples. In the videos, Several couples busy in indecent activities at the Universal Cinema Hall in Lahore. Here is one of the videos of Emporium mall Lahore Cinema scandal.

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Here is 2nd CCTV video of Universal Cinema, Emporium Mall Lahore Cinema video scandal leaked videos Scandal.
Lahore Cinema CCTV leaked video scandal

According to more details, some videos of several couples sitting in a cinema hall doing indecent things, making rounds on Facebook and Twitter. The security staff of Universal cinema emporium mall Lahore captured few video clips of several couples sitting inside Cinema hall and doing explicit activities. Lights usually turn off in Cinema halls during movie shows.

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Because of the reason explained above, many couples take advantage of this atmosphere. Most of the couples who are desperate to make out but do not find a suitable place, take those shows which are not famous in the cinema and have less audience. They also choose the noon shows because this time most of the people stay in the offices and cinema halls stay empty. As you can see in the picture below which was captured from one Lahore cinema scandal video.

These Couples caught in Emporium mall Lahore Cinema video scandal are those who also don’t find hotel rooms for making out love or they can’t afford hotel bills. That’s why they use this opportunity of dark and less crowded cinema halls. But unfortunately, the Universal cinema of emporium mall Lahore has night vision security Cameras.

One of the security staff from Cinema’s security room recorded their videos from CCTV screens and leaked those explicit videos of couples on social media. This is how the “Lahore Cinema CCTV leaked Videos scandal” begun. The videos were recorded by night vision cameras that’s why they have clear visions of couples busy in indecent activities inside Cinema hall.

Second CCTV LEAKED Video of Lahore Cinema Videos Scandal

Total of three videos of Emporium mall Lahore Cinema scandal was leaked on social. One video duration is more than 5 minutes while the other 2 videos are 2 and a half minutes long. Here is the second video of explicit video scandal.

Emporium mall cinema leaked video

The Above video duration is more than five minutes. It was the 2nd video of Emporium mall cinema leaks. Here is the Third CCTV leaked video of Lahore Cinema scandal.

Reactions of Public on Emporium Mall Cinema CCTV leaked videos scandal

Some Pakistanis raised the question about their privacy rights after Emporium mall Lahore’s cinema released surveillance footage of these couples. Also, Watch Johar Town Police Raid Video Scandal and Facts Behind it.

Salman Sufi was the first to highlight the issue on Twitter. He is Former director-general of the Punjab chief minister’s Strategic Reforms Unit and activist.

“Just found that video recordings of citizens from cinema halls in Pakistan have been shared around. This is not acceptable and is a violation of [the] law. We demand that all theatres/public places delete all video recordings that have no recorded safety threat as soon as possible,” he wrote.
He also added, “a non-disclosure agreement should be added to every ticket that is purchased, which will give citizens the right to not allow the management to keep their recordings”. “This is a serious breach of our privacy right and can never be allowed,” he said.

Nighat Dad, a lawyer and digital rights activist, also spoke about the violation of privacy and said there is a lack of awareness about it. “[There is] no accountability around how companies, telecom, public bodies, ISPs retain, process or share citizens data,” she wrote.

Other Social media user reacted on Lahore Cinema video scandal differently. Some social media users appealing people, not to share these videos but they are those who already watched them. One user with Twitter handle @BossLikeBaby said “just watched the Lahore Video Scandal. I know it’s there their personal matter, but how they can do that”.

Some users called the Emporium mall cinema scandal “A privacy theft” and suggested the government to take action against mall’s security who leaked those videos. watch this tweet below. Don’t know its sarcasm or she really wants the government to provide subsidise room for these desperate couples.

The interesting thing about Emporium mall Lahore cinema leaked video scandal is that there are several couples sitting near each other busy in making out. But no one interfering in each other’s activities as you can see in the picture below. This is not a common practice in Pakistan as People here love to interfere in other’s matters more than their own.

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