Pakistan hospital scandal video

Here you can watch the viral Cctv leaked video of Pakistani hospital scandal which is making rounds on social media these days. The cctv video scandal allegedly belongs to a hospital in Lahore in which a couple was allegedly found doing explicit activities in the hospital ward.

Lahore Hospital Scandal CCTV video Leaked
Image: screengrab from Lahore Hospital Scandal CCTV video.

According to details a video with the Titles ” Lahore Hospital Scandal ” and ” Pakistan Hospital CCTV leaked video” is circulating on social media in Pakistan. The video was captured by CCTV of an alleged hospital in Lahore. CCTV video of the hospital ward shows a male patient, laying on the bed under a blanket and something indecent is going on inside the blanket. First, see the video of Pakistan Hospital Scandal, then read analysis and public reactions.

Lahore Hospital Scandal CCTV video.

After watching the complete video of Alleged Pakistani hospital CCTV video scandal, you can find that a woman putting her head inside the blanket of the patient. After a minute she appears and take some Cotton swabs or tissue papers to clean the patient’s lower abdominal. Most of the viewers who have watched this CCTV video, they took it in negative meanings and said: “she is doing explicit activities under the blanket of the patient”. Watch how social media reacts on Lahore Hospital Scandal CCTV leaked video.

Comments on Lahore Hospital Scandal video
Image: Screenshots of Facebook comments.

In the screenshot above was only 2 comments which reflect how social media users are thinking about the leaked CCTV video of Lahore Hospital (Alleged). There are thousands of social media users who are taking this CCTV video of Hospital Ward in the same meanings as above. Even many others are posting the video on other platforms with the same title as “Pakistan Hospital Scandal CCTV leaked video”. Watch another publisher who posted the video with the same intent.

Different Opinion on Lahore Hospital Ward CCTV video Scandal.

But not all have negative thinking about this so called Hospital Scandal. A Facebook user “Abbasi Sahib” pointed it in a positive way. He wrote, “she could be his wife and busy in cleaning his abdominal, why we see everything in negative meanings”.

Lahore Hospital video leaked
Image: Facebook comments screenshot

The comment of this user sense a lot. It is a hospital. Although it is the duty of a nurse to clean the patient. But a wife is the closest person to any man even more than a nurse.

In most cases, if someone is in hospital but unable to clean himself specifically on lower body parts. Then wives take responsibility rather than depending on Nurses to do this job. It sounds quite simple that man in the video is in the same condition in which he is unable to clean his lower body. And the woman leaning inside his blanket could be his wife. She is covering the blanket over her head because the man could be in a General ward or she is aware of the CCTV camera and want to keep the sensitive psrts of body of her husband hidden from the CCTV. In my opinion, This is what was happening in Pakistani hospital video scandal.

Same as this alleged Lahore Hospital Scandal, A few days ago Emporium mall cinema leaked on social media. Watch The Emporium mall cinema Scandal here. In that leaked CCTV footage of Emporium mall cinema Lahore, it was clear that couples were busy in explicit activities. Most of the people in Pakistan condemned the couples on their explicit activities inside Cinema hall. But some people raised the question on Public privacy. They demanded action against those who leaked CCTV footage of Emporium mall cinema Lahore.

Reason Behind This Leak of Pakistani hospital scandal Video

Following the tradition of Cinema’s security, the security of an alleged Lahore Hospital also leaked the CCTV footage. But this is, of course, a violation of privacy rules. The intention behind leaking the Lahore Cinema scandal video is clear. They want the public to think that it is another scandal of Lahore Hospital like Emporium mall cinema scandal. Even though it is still unclear that video belongs to a hospital of Lahore and the couple in the video was busy in the same way as the public is thinking. A code of conduct should be implemented in organizations which have CCTV installed for observation of public visitors. As these types of leaks can lead to a major problem of public Privacy.

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