Video: Lawyer Kashif Ali Chaudhary Arrested In Lahore for Chanting Against Pakistan Army

Lahore: A Lawyer Kashif Ali Chaudhary has been arrested for chanting anti-army slogan (yeh General colonel begairat) on Sunday afternoon, October 13, 2019. He is one of those lawyers who were chanting against Pakistan Army and abusing national institutions in the NAB court on the occasion of Nawaz Sharif’s arrest on October 11, 2019.

His brother Nazim Hussain lodged a complaint of kidnapping at the Hanjarwal police station, Lahore. According to the complainant, Chaudhary went to Sarshar Town market to purchase cable wire when unidentified persons on two vehicles came there and stopped him. The CCTV video shows 2 black vehicles stopping by his house and a half dozen masked men in black uniform forced him to sit in the vehicle.

Lawyer Kashif Ali Chaudhary abducted in Lahore by Military intelligence
Kashif Ali Chaudhry Advocate Member Lahore High Court Bar was arrested by black-uniformed (allegedly intelligence services) men in two vehicles near his residence Thokar Niaz Baig about 4 Pm on Sunday afternoon. He is accused to raise a slogan (Chanting General, colonel) against military the NAB court Lahore.

The attested Lawyer is a close friend (supporter) of Maryam Nawaz and die-hard supporter of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz. He was also vice president of PML-N Lawyers wing.

Video of arrest of Lawyer in Lahore.

The CCTV video of the arrest of Kashif Ali Chaudhary was published on social media and became viral with a different description. Pro-PTI, PRO-ARMY and Pro-Pakistan people are saying that Kashif Chaudhary was arrested in Lahore. But anti-army and mostly PMLN supporters are saying that “Kashif Ali Chaudhary was abducted by Military“. Watch below.

Tweet by Guriya (A Pakistani user) on the arrest.

The Twitter user with the handle @Guriya0007 shown comfort on the arrest of the Lawyer in Lahore. She quoted

Visuals of Arrest of a Lawyer Kashif Ali Chaudhry from Lahore. A puppet of the corrupt mafia, he is a prominent PMLN goon and had raised slogans against beloved Pakistan Army at the NAB court recently.
It’s a demo for all traitors living in Pakistan.

Similarly, another Twitter user also showed that he is happy on the arrest of the Lawyer Kashif and said that “this lawyer is a puppet of corrupt Mafia and a prominent PMLN’s goon.

On another hand, The anti-army and Pro-PMLN people came up with a completely opposite statement. According to them “Kashif Chaudhary was abducted for raisin slogan of civil supremacy”.

The group of Anti-army and Pro-PMLN people is calling the arrest of Lawyer as “an abduction” and saying that he will be included in the list of many other missing persons.


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