Leaked Photo Shows Former Bolivian Dictator Jeanine Anez (Áñez) eating Burger King Burger in Jail during so-called hunger strike

The criminal and former Bolivian dictator Jeanine Áñez, last week affirmed and mounted a show where she declared herself on a hunger strike, since she “does not want to fight.”

However, a leaked photo, that our newsroom team was able to obtain today, shows the Bolivian dictator eating a combo of the famous Burger King hamburgers with potatoes and soda.

Once again it is clear that this is another cheap show mounted by the international extreme right and that it is viralized through their allied press to try to victimize the former dictator and genocide, accused of sedition, conspiracy and terrorism after the past 2019 coup against Evo Morales.


“A leaked photo from today shows Jeanine Añez in prison eating Burger King, despite her lawyers claiming that she’s ‘refusing food’ as part of a hunger strike protest,” wrote a Twitter user while sharing leaked picture of Jeanine Anez.

Private Bolivian outlets, including Añez mouthpiece El Deber, are retracting articles, claiming the photo is fake and that an original photo had Añez eating “avocado and vegetables,” contradicting their previous reports that she was “refusing food” as part of a “hunger strike.”

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