Samsung galaxy S10 and S10+ are on the way to release soon. What can be special in these upcoming devices of Samsung’s Galaxy series. There’s not exactly a month to go before Samsung discloses its next lead cell phones in San Francisco. However the Samsung Galaxy device have just been completely spilled. The most recent pictures originate from German tech site AllAboutSamsung, and show what seemed to be the Galaxy S10 and S10+ from the front, back and sides.

Huawei is going to release world’s fastest processor

These photos shows a clear shape of this new phone. It has a dual-lens and hole-punch camera on the S10+ and has a refreshed UI. Other than that, it also has the new “Infinity-O” display with thin bezels and slight chin at the bottom.. It’s bottom edge is contains SIM card slot, USB-C or Charging port and headphone jack.

Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10+

Samsung Galaxy S10 front face Samsung Galaxy S10& S10+Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10+ Back Photos

Some reports are there that Samsung is expecting to announce three new models of Galaxy S10 on it’s unpacked event at February 20th, 2019. These models will come in ranging sizes of 5.8 to 6.4 inches. Some sources also gives news that Samsung will announce 4th Galaxy phone too as a “six-camera 5G anniversary” device. This 4th device  will have size of 6.7 inches, that will be counted as their top of the edge model.

Huawei is going to release world’s fastest processor 

More excited news is that Samsung will also be announcing a fully functional version of it’s foldable phone. The company gave a brief introduction of this model last November. But since then we have seen trailers of more functional and operational foldable phones from their rivals e.g. Xiaomi. We are ready to see more and will give to further updates on February 20th when Samsung finally launches it’s new devices.

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