Leaked UN letter to Indian Lobby was the reason behind removal of Maleeha Lodhi.
Maleeha Lodhi, former envoy of Pakistan to United Nations (UN).

Maleeha Lodhi is being accused of leaking a UN letter to Indian lobby. Several sources say that Maleeha Lodhi’s Motive behind Leakage of UN letter to India was to sabotage the most Important visit of PM Imran Khan to the United States.

According to details a screenshot of a reputed daily newspaper surfaced on the social media, revealing the reasons behind removal of Maleeha Lodhi as Permanent envoy of Pakistan to United Nations (UN).

Leaking a UN letter behind removal of Maleeha Lodhi.
Image: Morning Mail Daily Newspaper Islamabad.

Prime minister Imran Khan on the return of his successful visit from the United States removed Maleeha Lodhi as Permanent envoy of Pakistan to United Nations (UN).

The decision of prime minister Imran Khan surprised most of Pakistanis because she was serving as Permanent Representative of Pakistan to United Nations since February 6, 2015. The sudden removal of Maleeha Lodhi arose questions from Pakistani Media and Social Media. However, Imran Khan appointed Munir Akram on her place who is also a senior Pakistani diplomat in the United States.

However Foreign office of Pakistan said that she was not removed but her service period has been completed that’s why Pakistan decided to replace her with Munir Akram as Permanent envoy of Pakistan to UN.

Leaked UN letter was The reason behind the removal of Maleeha Lodhi

On October 3, several sources revealed that actual reason behind the removal of Maleeha Lodhi was not which was officially told. And she is being accused of leaking a UN letter to Pakistan about Hafiz Saeed to the Indian government.

Earlier on, the government of Pakistan had written a letter to the United Nations, requesting to release a small number of funds for HAFIZ Saeed, Haji Muhammad Ashraf and Zafar Iqbal, which were frozen for being related with banned organisations. The request was made to meet up their daily expenses which are legal by UN’s law.

On August 15, 2019, the UN granted permission to release a specific amount for HAFIZ Saeed and others. But Maleeha Lodhi hushed that letter and did not inform Pakistan’s government. The letter started to appear on WhatsApp groups of many senior journalists from September 25. This was the time when Imran Khan was already in the United States to address UNGA and raise the Kashmir issue.

If war has been imposed on us, We will fight till the end.

Prime minister Imran Khan at United Nations General Assembly.

During a media talk, several Indian Journalists were asking questions from FM Shah Mahmood Qureshi, about Pakistan’s request for restoration of Funds for Hafiz Saeed. The motive of these questions was to prove to the world that “See Pakistan is seeking restoration for banned people (on Terrorism allegations) instead of fighting against them.

Imran Khan took this aggressive step of removal of Maleeha Lodhi after these facts were kept before him. There were also rumours about Faisal Sherwani, Son of Maleeha Lodhi that he is married in an Indian family which is very close to Indian prime minister Narendra Modi. Social media was bashing on Maleeha Lodhi after the news of Faisal Sherwani’s marriage with an Indian girl broke out. However, Maleeha Lodhi didn’t respond to any allegations against her.

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Public Reactions after Maleeha Lodhi Accused of leaking a UN letter to India.

Maleeha Lodhi served as an Ambassador of Pakistan in several important stations. She was Ambassador of Pakistan to the United States from 17 December 1999 – 4 August 2002. She served at the same office from 21 January 1994 – 30 January 1997 also. After the allegations against Maleeha Lodhi, the public is reacting angrily.

A bunch of people saying that she is the reason why Pakistan couldn’t play well in the United Nations and against Indian lobby in the United States. People still remember her irresponsible attitude when she showed a Syrian kid photo in the General Assembly while speaking for Kashmir and telling about the Indian Army’s brutal actions against Kashmiri children.

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