In their short history, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are commonly used as this site has registered a series of events that, in some cases, are generally interesting and others unique.

    Many facts tend to generate great curiosity in their users. When entering the search for information, they can fall for their charm and even invest.

    What are Ledger portfolios?

    Currently, there are various ways of storing crypto assets, which is why the term wallet is well known. These electronic wallets are software designed to hold multiple public and private keys for the exclusive use of the wallet’s owner.

    Compared to the traditional financial system, these keys are usually like the account numbers of each person in a specific bank.

    These keys are essential for the owners of cryptocurrencies since their ownership is determined through them. Moreover, it is the code with which cryptographic operations or transactions can be carried out.

    Ledger wallets are known for being high-end physical type wallets with high-security protocols. As a result, users can be sure that their digital currencies are safe.

    They are considered cold wallets capable of sending and receiving a relatively significant amount of cryptocurrencies; it could be said that around 1200 tokens can be used wirelessly whenever the user wants.

    On the other hand, this type of wallet can store 100 active crypto applications. However, it is limited when operating in the purchase of digital currencies.

    It is compatible with various operating systems, making these wallets a versatile and secure option, also considering that they can be used with mobile or android devices.

    Where does the ASK token come from?

    It was created in May of 2018 after the idea of taking the ASK social network to another level. Knowing this is a platform where people can ask questions of all kinds, either anonymously or publicly, has been involved in many controversies.

    In an attempt to promote and bring to the financial sector its ability to obtain followers and enter the cryptocurrency ecosystem, it created the ASK Token proposal.

     In addition, this ICO, to obtain followers for the value propositions through internal rewards offered by the platform, would serve to finance it.

    It is in position 787 of cryptocurrencies with a market capitalization reaching 15 million dollars with a total supply of 100 billion units.

    The story of 1,000,000 ASKT on Everest

    Making a bit of history, the ASK social network, to promote the creation of its token, organized an advertising campaign in which they would film a video where professional climbers would bury a cryptocurrency wallet on Mount Everest.

    The devices that contained around 1 million of the ASK token were the cold wallets of the Ledger company.

    Its campaign slogan was “if you are brave enough, go for them.” However, the fact is that during the excursion to carry out such a feat, one of the participants died; since the weather conditions worsened and they had to be rescued, this person is presumed deceased.

    Cryptocurrencies have made many companies join this type of proposal. The main objective is to create a sufficiently attractive link between users and potential investors, getting them to invest in this type of ICO and trigger their valuation.

    Today we are facing a firmly positioned digital market with a reasonably extensive product portfolio that reaches more than 8,000 cryptocurrencies.

    All cryptographic projects are created with different approaches; it is there where users usually investigate the White Papers to verify if the value proposals to which they refer are usually attractive enough to invest in.

    Creativity is within everyone’s reach in this Askfm case; I believe that this campaign would be able to position their token, although, for a while, they waited to launch it in consideration of the victim that said feat left behind.


    We are in the technological era where it is assumed that the financial and economic sectors must adapt to a reality that is becoming increasingly evident; digital currencies will take the course of traditional currencies in the future.

    Cryptographic projects are diverse; users will give their support to the one they consider appropriate and exciting in terms of returns and future positioning that they can offer.

    When using cryptocurrency exchange platforms, you must know cryptocurrencies’ fundamental concepts.

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