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    Lexi Bonner Explains Why She Did What She Did – Lexi Bonner gets Jumped?

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    Lexi Bonner, a 14-year-old girl is currently trending on social media and TikTok and people are reacting to her with anger and rage. Earlier last week, a video of Lexi Bonner went viral on Twitter which shows Lexi Bonner jumping an eight year old boy.

    Lexi Bonner, a UK national girl facing massive criticism after her video emerged online. Many people are desiring to watch Lexi Bonner getting jumped but the wait is not over yet. Many people are sharing unrelated videos claiming “Lexi Bonner gets jumped” but those videos are from somewhere else.

    Now on TikTok, Lexi Bonner posted a video explaining why she did what she did.

    Lexi Bonner explains her actions.

    In her statement, Lexi Bonner said that little boy was annoying and wad throwing bricks at her. She added that the boy was trying to hit her little sister. Although, her explanation doesn’t justify her actions, it’s what she said in the justification.

    She was live on TikTok, answering the people’s question regarding the incident.

    Who is Lexi Bonner

    Photo of Lexi Bonner from her TikTok live

    Lexi Bonner sparked outrage after a viral video showed her hitting an autistic youngster who tried to playfully befriend her. The footage, widely shared on social media, captured Bonner’s violent response, sparking outrage and calls for accountability. Born on , 2010, Lexi Bonner hails from Leeds, United Kingdom. As in 2024, Lexi Bonner’s age is 14 years.

    How Lexi Bonner incident started

    Lexi Bonner and 8-year-old autistic boy

    A video posted on Instagram shows the moments before Lexi Bonner involved in her act which led to massive criticism drawn to her. Watch Lexi Bonner’s video, below:

    The video shows Lexi Bonner standing inside the park with her little brother and sister. The 8-year-old boy standing in the park but there is a fencing between them. Video further shows the little boy touching the hand of Lexi Bonner and then Lexi begins running behind him.

    After the moments, shown in the cropped video above, things turned nasty, leading to an unhappy incident. Because of it’s nature, we can’t post the complete video here but you can watch it on Twitter here.

    Did Lexi Bonner Jumped?

    After the incident, thousands of people are desiring that Lexi Bonner should be arrested for her actions. On other hands, many are wishing to see Lexi Bonner getting jumped by her school mates.

    For the purpose of gaining attention and followers, many people are sharing videos of girls fights from around the world and claiming “Lexi Bonner gets jumped.”

    On Twitter, such unrelated videos have gained millions of views. See some screenshots below:

    Screenshot of a Twitter post which claims Lexi Bonner getting jumped

    The Screenshot of a Twitter post given above, is a video post in which the user posted a school fight video and claimed that this is the video of Lexi Bonner getting jumped. However, this video is 2 years old and boys and girls are else people. This video was viewed by 3.3 million people so far.

    Screenshot image of another Twitter post making false claims of Lexi Bonner video

    The Screenshot image given above is also a Twitter post with a video of a fight between few girls. In this post, the user claims that Lexi Bonner beaten up by some girls because of the incident. However, this video is from the United States and has no link to Lexi Bonner.

    Similarly a two dozen videos have been posted by hundreds of users. But none of those videos is related to Lexi Bonner.

    Lexi Bonner wasn’t arrested, the kid is not in the hospital and Lexi Bonner wasn’t jumped after the incident. She said it in her recent TikTok live that she is at a relative home and currently vacationing from the school because of the criticism drawn to her.

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