Lil Baby and Ms London Video Leaked on Social media

Lil Baby and Ms London’s private video leaked on social media? Rapper Lil baby and Ms London became top trends on Twitter after an inappropriate video (which Twitter users believes, showing Rapper Lil Baby and Ad**t Actress Ms London) became viral on social media. Soon after Ms London, Teanna Trump has also leaked a video of her giving head to Lil Baby.

The purported video shows Ms London and a man in blue shirt and a watch similar as Lil Baby used to wear in the past. Although, the authenticity of the video was not confirmed. But most of people believe it was Lil Baby with Ms London in the viral video.

The alleged Lil Baby and Ms London leaked video has been shared by several Twitter users. You can Watch Lil Baby Ms London’s leaked video here and here.


It was last week when the internet was in a complete frenzy after Ms. London put Atlanta rapper, Lil Baby, on blast revealing that he’d clapped them cheeks. According to Ms. London the rapper dropped $6,000 (originally thought to be $16,000) to have a night of fun with her.

The encounter was said to had been recorded by Ms. London and now the internet believes it has hit the net. A new video was uploaded to Ms. London’s ‘Hub’ account and people are claiming that is Lil Baby, it can be seen here.

Ms London even shared the messages of Lil Baby to her.

Video: Lil Baby cheating on Jayda with Ms London, allegations explained

Lil Baby would of course respond attempting to deny the claims. Though, it would be later revealed by Ms. London he did in fact leave his ‘lil babies’ on her cheeks. However, it was before Lil Baby was with his girlfriend Jayda according to Ms. London.

See people’s reactions over Lil Baby and Ms London’s video, below.

Misunderstanding the video of Ms London, some people thought, Jayda and Lil Baby video leaked.

Who is Ms London and what has she said about Lil Baby?

Earlier last week, on December 12, 2020, Rapper Lil Baby has been accused of cheating on girlfriend Jayda with ad**t video-maker Ms London. Here’s what went down…

Who is Ms London?

Ms London is a Video maker and Adult star who lives in Los Angeles. The star, who describes herself as a law student in her Instagram bio, is originally from Norfolk, Virginia, but was raised in Georgia.

The video-maker makes money posting ad*lt content on Only-Fans (A subscription-based content sharing Platform) and other ad*lt websites.

What has she said about Lil Baby?

Ms London claimed that Lil Baby paid her $6,000 to sleep with her. 

According to Instagram gossip page The Shade Room, Ms London made the allegations on her Twitter account.

In now-deleted tweets, the star made the accusations but refused to mention the rapper by name, instead naming his girlfriend, Jayda Cheaves.

Lil Baby started dating Instagram model and entrepreneur Jayda in 2016 and the couple had a child together in 2019.

Lil Baby started dating Instagram model and entrepreneur Jayda in 2016

Adult star Ms London penned: “The best d*** I ever had cake from a millionaire who didn’t say more than two full sentences to me.” 

In another post, she wrote she would be “dropping no names, but Jayda not leaving this man ever,” 

Rapper Lil Baby quickly responded to the accusations. He said Ms London was using his name for “clout”.

He wrote “I get it,” in deleted tweets. “Say Baby name get clout Y’all need to stop the desperate s**t.”

Who is Lil Baby?

Lil Baby, real name Dominique Armani Jones, is a rapper from Atlanta, Georgia.

He shot to fame in 2017 when he released a mixtape featured cameos from friends like Lil Yachty, Young Thug and Gunna.

 Lil Baby’s 2020 track The Bigger Picture is his most successful release.

The three-time Grammy nominee’s other hits include Drip Too Hard and his track Yes Indeed with Drake. He has more than 13 million followers on his Instagram page.

Teanna Trump Accuses Lil Baby of Cheating

Teanna Trump Accuses Lil Baby of Cheating
AP Image

After Ms London Teanna Trump claimed Lil Baby ‘cheated’ on his girlfriend, Jayda Cheaves, and now, the two women are in a Twitter war with each other. Teanna Trump has also shared a video of her giving head to Lil baby. However, the authenticity of “Teanna Trump Lil baby head video” was not confirmed yet.

You can watch Teanna Trump Lil baby head video here.

After Ms London  Teanna Trump claimed Lil Baby ‘cheated’ on his girlfriend, Jayda Cheaves, and now, the two women are in a Twitter war with each other. Teana Trump has also shared a video of her giving head to Lil baby. However, the authenticity of "Teana Trump Lil baby head video" was not confirmed yet

According to details, Teanna Trump, 25, sparked a Twitter war with Lil Baby‘s girlfriend Jayda Cheaves, 23, over an unfounded cheating allegation. The drama began when Jayda joked that if someone asked her for nude photos, she’d instead send photos of herself in a nude-toned outfit. “Send me a nude…ME :,” the model and entrepreneur wrote over two photos of herself rocking a beige coat and cream sweatpants, which she posted to Twitter on Dec. 17.

Teanna then decided to stir the pot after seeing Jayda’s joke about nude photos. “And that’s why you got cheated on..,” the adult film star replied, and even added a yawning emoji. Teanna later suggested that she has alleged evidence of Lil Baby being disloyal by tweeting, “He better check his b-tch. Lol Don’t make me post screenshots.”

Teanna Later retweeted an old video (from April 2020) of her which shows her giving head to someone. The video caption reads: “Su** your boyfriends d**k or I will.”

Although, Teanna didn’t mention Lil Baby while sharing this video, many Twitter users believe it is Lil Baby in the head video of Teanna Trump.

NewPakweb can not independently verify these claims, and we have reached out to both Lil Baby’s and Jayda’s reps for comment, but we did not receive immediate responses.

Jayda later clapped back at Teanna and claims. “Why these hoes COME FOR ME FIRST then hit me with the check ur man. Like is that what this really be about? Y’all got the game f-cked up. Y’all trifling as hell all y’all,” Lil Baby’s girlfriend tweeted.

And although she didn’t name Teanna, Jayda seemed to shade the ad*lt entertainment star by writing, “Sis if you wanted me to shoutout your only fan you could’ve just said that. You didn’t have to throw shade?!?”

Teanna responded with another tweet, reads: “But I’ve never promoted my onlyfans on Twitter.. Ever😂.”

Fans freaked out over Teanna’s bold accusation, leading many to show their support for Jayda. “Jayda be minding her business & getting money. Stop bothering her. #Respectfully,” one fan tweeted, while another wrote, “Leave Jayda tf alone bruh. I’m getting mad.” 


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