Lil Tay allegedly abused by her father Christopher J Hope, says her Instagram stories and a GoFundMe campaign

Disturbing Instagram stories and a “Go Fund Me” campaign hints Teen Star Lil Tay is being abused by her father Christopher J Hope who stole all of her money too.

After over a year of inactivity, several concerning messages has been posted to 11-year-old rapper Lil Tay’s Instagram story, leaving worried fans trying to figure out what could have happened to the young star.

In the meantime, a “Go fund me campaign” has been launched which suggests Lil Tay has no money left to pay lawyers for fighting for her freedom, her father has stolen everything from her, she has been physically and mentally abused by her father.

However, Many fans believe that Lil Tay’s mother and brother are scamming people because they turned off the comments on all of her posts.

Here is All you need to know about the current situation of Lil Tay, allegations against her father and all about the confusion sparked after her recent Instagram stories and posts.

Lil Tay, real name Claire Eileen Qi Hope, broke the internet in 2018 when she was just 9 years old, thanks to her outrageous videos in which she flexed cash, cars, and used extreme profanity.

The videos were so bizarre that they quickly went viral online, and the Canadian creator gained millions of followers across various platforms.

However, it soon became apparent that Lil Tay’s mother was using her boss’s car in many of the popular videos, and lots of the houses were actually up for sale, as she used to be a real estate agent. This discovery lead to Tay’s mother getting fired from her job.

After a video leaked of her brother Jason telling her what to do off-camera, the internet even rallied to “free Lil Tay” via several different hashtags.

On July 5 2018, an Instagram story containing the message “help me” was posted to the account. There was no further activity until later in October, when someone who claimed they previously worked with Lil Tay uploaded a video of the young star.

In the caption they wrote: “This was Lil Tay the last time she was happy, 2 hours before Christopher John Hope, her abusive absentee father who hasn’t been in her life for years, handed her a court order forcing her to go to his home in Canada in which she was constantly abused by Hope and his wife.”

Recent Stories about Lil Tay on Her Instagram Account worry her fans

After over two years of silence, concerns for the young girl’s wellbeing were renewed when another series of stories was posted to Lil Tay’s account on April 21, 22 and 23 hinting that Lil Tay is being abused by her father Christopher John Hope.

On April 21, The white text on the black background simply read, “we have bad news about Tay…”

Another message was shared to her stories on April 22 suggesting it was time to reveal what happened to the rapper. Shortly after another story went live on her page, this time it was a countdown and it read, “Tomorrow 6:00 pm EST,” alerting fans to stay hooked to her page for the assumed ominous news. 

On April 23, 2021, Lil Tay’s Instagram account posted more stories and videos alleging she is allegedly being abused by her father. Post alleges “Chris Hope, who along with his wife Hanee Hope … had physically and mentally abused [Lil Tay].”

Screenshot of the story shared on Lil Tay Instagram asking for help against her Father Christopher J Hope

The caption of Lil Tay’s latest Instagram post reveals, “This was the moment in 2018 my mom showed Tay the court order from her abusive father demanding custody, money, and control over her career. Starting today, she will be fighting for her life in the Supreme Court of Canada. Tay has no money left to pay lawyers for fighting for her freedom, her father has stolen everything from her, she has been physically and mentally abused by her father and his current wife.

“Please visit the link in bio for the full story in the GoFundMe and donate and share, your donation will go towards Tay’s legal fees giving her a fighting chance at freedom in court. You are Tay’s last hope in saving her from a life of abuse,” the caption read. “We greatly appreciate any help Tay can get. Every dollar & every share counts. #SAVELILTAY.” The fundraiser has been started by her brother Jason Tian.

Another video posted to Lil Tay’s account where they allege Lil Tay’s father is allegedly using her career “as blackmail to waive [his] child support expenses.”

The caption of the post says:

 Let me clarify, Chris Hope does not have custody of Tay.. He has taken all of Tay’s money. Everything you’ve seen online is just speculation, this is because Chris Hope has silenced Tay through the legal system from speaking out about the truth.. he has no explanation for using $400,000+ in owed child support expenses as blackmail, he came to our house to drop off his “settlement proposal” for court, which details that all his owed child support must be waived. He has no explanation for the abuse, or for the millions of dollars he has stolen. He can say in the press “I love her and want the best for her” but anybody can say that… Where’s the millions of dollars he has stolen? Where’s the $400,000+ in child support he never paid? Tay is fighting him in court currently. He is trying to gain control over her life and custody. In the GoFundMe there are police reports detailing the abuse Tay endured at his home. She has been scratched, beaten and repeatedly thrown in a dark closet. That is why Chris Hope lost his parenting time to begin with! Chris Hope has not seen her in years but somehow shows up after fame?
Tay is truly in need of your help. This is not a marketing scheme, this is not a joke. If he gains custody of her again he will abuse her just like how the GoFundMe details it. He has taken ALL of her money. Tay truly needs your help.

They also shared a Screenshot of GoFundMe to pay for Lil Tay’s legal fees.

The description of Lil Tay’s GoFundMe campaign reads:

Lil Tay will be fighting for her life, future and freedom starting April 23, 2021. Tay is in desperate need of funds to support her fight against her abusive father, as a result of this situation she has been in a state of depression. ALL FUNDS raised through this GoFundMe will go towards Tay’s legal fees to give her the fighting chance in court to save her from a life of abuse.. Towards her future, and freedom.

Starting April 23, 2021, Tay will be on trial in the BC Supreme Court of Canada up against her absentee father Chris Hope, who along with his wife Hanee Hope (previously known as Richanee Alcover), had physically and mentally abused her. Chris Hope is fighting to permanently gain control of her career as well as custody over her. 

Lil Tay’s father had abuse allegations levied against him in 2019 

This is not the first time Hope is accused of being abusive towards Lil Tay. In 2019, Hope, an attorney in Canada sent off a cease and desist to Lil Tay’s brother Jason after similar allegations were made on the rapper’s Instagram. Hope claimed Jason was behind the posts and that he had allegedly encouraged others to “conduct criminal extortion and harassment.”

Hope wanted Lil Tay to continue with her education alongside maintaining her Instagram career. “People have to remember that my daughter is just a little girl. She needs to go to school and be happy and healthy. She does not need to make money for other people. Because she wants to sing and act, I will support her in that,” he had said at the time. Hope has yet to revert about the recent allegations.   


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