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    Loin vs Tiger Real Fight Video

    Lion vs Tiger fight video is trending on social media. In this video, Lion vs Tiger. Could a real fight result in death? Watch the video below.

    Video: Loin vs Tiger Real Fight


    By nature, tigers are considered more aggressive than lions. Male lions are even considered to be somewhat lazy and do nothing unless really necessary. When comparing lions and tigers, tigers are the more dominant big cat. Of course, the lion is not inferior to him.

    Although it does not target every living thing like a tiger, it sharply shows its teeth to any creature that enters its line. you will not believe what you see in this video.


    Tigers have more muscle in almost all parts of their body The tiger’s muscle mass is 75%. It is more agile and stronger than the lion in traction force, thrust force, climbing and jumping from the ground. in my opinion, tiger is much stronger, Muscle means pure strength. the muscle mass in the lion’s body is 60% which is almost equal to a group of 6 people. I can’t imagine how many people the tiger is equal to.


    The lion and tiger are among the most athletic animals in the world. A fully grown tiger can jump over 8 meters. Lions can run as fast as 50 mph for short distances and leap up to 11 feet, almost the length of a school bus. Most lions don’t really climb trees unless they are really motivated by food or a threat.


    With the longest canine teeth (3 inches) of all cats, Bengal tigers present a terrifying display they also have a good bite force of 1050 psi to support it almost twice the bite force of the king of the jungle Lions have a bite force of only 650 PSI. However, lions are social creatures that hunt in groups, which can reduce the need for individual jaw strength. however, it is 6 times stronger than a human, which finds the same rate as a human eating sugar while eating bones.


    Tigers often ambush their prey like other cats. Using their body size and strength, they attack their prey from every angle and upset the balance of the prey. When lying on its face, the tiger bites the back of the neck. it usually breaks the prey’s spinal cord, punctures the windpipe or cuts the carotid artery.

    Lions hunt either alone or in groups. In cooperative hunts, the lioness is usually the initiator of the kill. Lions follow their prey and when they are close enough, they try to attack their prey in a short and planned way, trying to either jump over the target or knock it down. they make a very stealthy and slow movement towards their prey.


    Tigers are generally solitary in nature interacting for a short time only for mating purposes and sometimes to share their prey. However, there have been a few rare recorded instances of tigers collaborating on a hunt similar to the lion pride. They are mostly singular animals with an undeveloped sense of cooperation. It has even been observed that they harm each other while dividing their prey.

    Lions are the only cats that live in groups called prides, although there is a single population of lions. Lionesses are the pride’s primary hunters and leaders. They often work together to hunt wildebeest, zebra, rhino and other large animals in open grasslands. In large animals, they hunt without much chasing by wrapping them around and surprising the prey.

    Sometimes it takes hours under this hot sun and they can even get tired and leave the hunt. on small hunts, it usually ends in chase and war, and the lion usually wins.


    Lions are the most intelligent of all the big cats. In several task-solving experiments, the lions were able to outperform all other felines. In circuses, the lion is mostly preferred because of its quick grasp of the movements performed in the show.

    Some scientists refuse to accept that tigers have good intelligence. and they attribute some actions to intuition. However, I have a healthy respect for a tiger’s intelligence level. I’ve never seen them attack their prey at first sight.


    Large wild and exotic cats such as lions and tigers are dangerous animals. Since tigers live alone in nature, they are easier to live at home. Because lions live in groups, they are used to group life but in both ways, it is very inconvenient to feed such cats at home. especially the lion can attack you even if his stomach is full so the tiger is one step ahead.

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