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     Macomb Mall Shooting Today – Active shooter alleged at Roseville Macomb Mall

    Macomb Mall Shooting Today – Another ridiculous accident happened today at Macomb Mall. Macomb Mall Shooting today shocks everyone, and police seek the gunman after shots were fired outside the Macomb Mall today.

    Until now, there have been no injuries in the Macomb mall shooting, and death has not been reported. But it doesn’t mean the shooter is innocent people are feeling unsafe and avoid going to malls because of these types of vulnerable shooters.

    Another ridiculous accident happened today at Macomb Mall.
    Macomb Ball Shooting Today

    The person who fired shots outside the Macomb Mall in Roseville on Sunday afternoon police is looking for him. Just before 1 p.m., shots were heard at the mall in the 32000 block of Gratiot Avenue. So, for investigation, Roseville police went there. Officers were told that two groups of people had an altercation and that the fight worsened as the groups left the mall.

    Police Chief Ryan Monroe said that an unidentified man took out a gun. He fired it several times in the parking lot outside of the Dick’s Sporting Goods store. He said that no shots were fired in or around the building and that no one was being held just after 4:30 p.m.

    The mayor of Roseville, Robert Taylor, said the mall was evacuated immediately. When the police arrived, they didn’t know where the suspect was.

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    MACOMB MALL SHOOTING TODAY – Was the shooter got arrested?

    According to Police Chief Ryan Monroe, an unidentified individual pulled a weapon and fired several shots in the parking lot of Dick’s Sporting Goods shop. After 4:30 p.m., he reported that no bullets had been fired inside or outside the building and that no one had been taken into custody.

    According to Roseville’s mayor, the mall was quickly cleared out. It was unclear where the suspect was when police arrived.

    The mall was secured and checked by police with assistance from other authorities, but the gunman was gone.

    Monroe has indicated that it may take some time to sift through the information gathered thus far. Taylor stated that police were analyzing the footage.

    The Free Press attempted to obtain further information by leaving messages with the mall’s management and security.

    The manager at Dick’s Sporting Goods, who answered the phone was uninformed. It was then revealed via a voicemail on the store’s phone line that the establishment was temporarily closed to walk-in customers.

    Macomb Mall Shooting Today – What happened?

    The DXL shop manager at Macomb Mall, located next to Dick’s Sporting Goods but does not have its mall entrance, found out about the incident from friends and family. The manager claimed they saw cops in the parking lot and promptly secured the door.

    According to Michelle Sand, who was in the mall at the time. The Old Navy store was where the news of a shooter first spread.

    At 2:16 p.m., Macomb County Public Alerts tweeted that police were searching the mall and evacuating stores. The tweet also asked people to stay away from the area. It also said that police were looking for a man with a colorful D on the back of his shirt who was wearing black pants and black shoes.

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