NameMalaal e Yaar
Show TypeDrama serial
On Airon Hum TV
Star Cast Azekah Daniel, Seemi Pasha, Hamza Firdous, Humaira Bano, Zainab Shabbir & others.
Producer Moomal Entertainment & MD Productions
Director Asad Jabbal 
Writer Hina Huma Nafees 

Malaal e Yaar is the latest drama serial by Hum TV. The story is based on feudalism and rigid customs of the feudal system. The Plot of The story of Malaal e Yaar revolves around the dynamics of men and women and the cruelty which arises commonly in Feudal families when men don’t give rights and freedom to their women. Star cast of Malaal e yaar includes Azekah Daniel, Seemi Pasha, Hamza Firdous, Humara Bano, Zainab Shabbir and many others.

Malaal e Yaar Episode 01 short Summary.

In the first episode of Malaal e Yaar, we see Zain Baig as (Bilaj) misbehaves with a poor man for the water of irrigation. He has one sister name as Horia ( Azekah Daniel). His father Malak Sarkar is also a cruel person like common Feudal landlords.

Azekah Daniel role as Horia is a very kind-hearted girl who helps everyone. she is in loves a boy Danish. In the first episode, we see Horia and her sister try to convince their mother for Danish’s proposal. After a long argument and effort, Horia’s mother agreed. On the other hand, Danish asked his mother to go Horia” House for her hand (Marriage proposal) but she refused by saying that she didn’t like her. Later on, Danish’s mother called Horia in her house and insulted her. Horia gets angry with Danish on his mother’s misbehave.


Further, in the first episode of Malaa e Yaar, we find out that Horia is Cousin of Balaj. Balaj’s uncle had love marriage with Horia’s Mother but his family did not accept this marriage. And Horia’s father left his wife and daughters on the pressure of family. but he often remembers his daughters. His second wife is also a very nice lady but they don’t have children.

In last seen we see Horia bring a meal for a poor man. While crossing the road, that poor man gets hit by Balaj’s vehicle and the first episode ended.

You can also watch Malaale Yaar Episode 01 complete here.

Malaal e Yaar Episode#01

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