Man arrested for doctoring and leaking fake pictures of TikTok Star Jannat Mirza

Fake inappropriate pictures of TikTok star Jannat Mirza leaked on social media earlier last week. A man (identified as Asfandyar) has been arrested in Lahore by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) for blackmailing and leaking fake pictures of Jannat Mirza.


Asfandyar is accused of doctoring images of Jannat Mirza and her sister Sehar Mirza and posting them online.

Video: TikTok star Jannat Mirza Leaked Pictures. Man who blackmailed TikTok star Jannat Mirza arrested in Lahore.

Jannat Mirza had filed a case against him at the Cyber Crime Division of the FIA. Two other men were also taken into custody along with Asfandyar in Lahore.


He confessed that he started harassing the sisters after being rejected by Sehar Mirza (The younger sister of Jannat). As an act of revenge, he photoshopped her pictures and sent it directly to Sehar. However, Asfandyar claims that he never made them viral. See his confession in the video, below.

Jannat Mirza Appreciates The News of the arrest of man who leaked her inappropriate Pictures

Jannat Mirza shared the news on her Instagram and wrote: “BOOM! so here we go. 🙌🏻
jin logo ne bhi agay se agay share ki wo sb bhi bht jald qanoon k zad me ajayenge Insha’Allah
agar aapko koe bhi blackmail kr raha harrass kt rha tou aap log mjhe btayen me aap logo k lye fight krungi.
i just made another acc ( @girls_power5555 ) where you guys can contact me for queries.”

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