Man Risks His Own Life to Rescue a stray Dog from Flood in Swat River

Man saves a stray dog from massive flood

Video of Afsar Khan saving a dog by risking his own life, in the Swat region of Pakistan, goes viral on social media.

Video: Man Saves the stray dog from flood waves

A shopkeeper in the upper Swat region of Bahrain, Pakistan, risked his life to rescue a dog trapped in a flood. The video of the rescue operation, which was carried out without any special equipment and support, went viral on social media.

During recent rains, a stray dog ​​got stuck at the intersection of the Daral Khurd and Swat rivers in Bahrain’s main market and climbed on the rubble of a flooded building. Hundreds of people stood around watching the scene, but one of the mob came out and rushed to the floodwaters to help the dog.

Afsar Khan, the man who rescued the dog, said he was leaving the shop with his friend in the afternoon to pray. Meanwhile, the friend said that a dog was stuck on the rubble in front. He quickly pushed the wheel to one side and decided to save the dog.


During this time he did not see how many people were around, only thinking that the dog has to be saved at all costs. Afsar Khan said he was not afraid of drowning because he could swim.

“It is a stray dog,” he said. Not a pet, I took it out and left it back in the market.

Floods in mountain rivers during recent rains in the Madinah, Bahrain and Kalam areas of Swat, Pakistan, have killed at least 12 people and destroyed about 100 houses and other buildings, as well as damaged other infrastructure, including roads and bridges.

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