A patient suspected to have COVID-19, who was admitted in the coronavirus isolation ward at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, has died after succumbing to his injuries following a suicide attempt.

Video: The man protesting in the ward. The man had claimed he did not have coronavirus after being admitted to the isolation ward

KARACHI  : A suspected coronavirus patient committed suicide at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) early on Monday morning, after spending the previous night protesting in the isolation ward that he did not have the contagious disease.

A video became viral on social media showing dead patients (suspectedly by Coronavirus) left unattended in the ward with other patients. The patient was protesting and claiming that he was not Coronavirus patient but the hospital staff forcefully placed him in the isolation ward along with corpses of expired patients

The executive director of the hospital, Dr Seemi Jamali, said Fawad Abbasi, 37, was brought to Jinnah Hospital from Landhi area of Karachi on Sunday night after showing possible symptoms of the virus.

She said the man who committed suicide was allegedly addicted to drugs.

According to a statement issued by Dr Seemi Jamali, the patient was brought to the hospital in a drowsy state and later regained consciousness while the person’s behavior was also abnormal.

Informing the details of the deceased person, Dr. Seemi Jamali said that the patient’s chest X-ray was taken which showed that the patient was possibly infected with the coronavirus and he was shifted to the hospital’s COVID-19 ward.

According to the hospital administration, the patient took off his clothes and started walking around the hospital building and also threatened the staff.

Due to the patient’s objectionable behavior, he was locked on the third floor where he also damaged the iron bars and doors and jumped out of the window at 6:58 in the morning.

As a result, he suffered severe head injuries and was rushed to the Accident Department, where he succumbed to his injuries.

Later, Dr. Sami Jamali confirmed that the coronavirus test of the person who committed suicide was negative.


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