Maria Wasti leaked video

Social media is busting with leaked video scandals of Pakistani actresses, models and Filmstar. The shockwaves of Rabi Pirzada Video scandal were still fresh then people found “Maria Wasti Leaked Video” and started sharing on Facebook and Twitter. Pakistani film, Television Drama Actress Maria Wasti came into headlines when a short Video clip of Maria Wasti leaked and became viral on social media.

Viral Video of Pakistani Actress

In the leaked video, Maria Wasti can be seen in drunk condition with her boyfriend in a hotel room. Watch Maria Wasti leaked video, below.

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Social media users started sharing the leaked video of Pakistani Actress on November 6, 2019. Within a day, video became viral all over Twitter and Facebook. People argued that this actress (Maria Wasti) gives us a lecture on Ethics and Islamic traditions while sitting in Tv shows but she herself is violating the ethical values and ruining Pakistani traditions.

Rabi Pirzada Video scandal and details

In the viral video of Maria Wasti, she is using some vulgar words in drunk condition and drinking alcohol from a full bottle. While her boyfriend is filming the video. Watch the viral Video of Maria Wasti shared by a Facebook user, below.


Several Facebook pages shared the video of Pakistani Actress. Watch the leaked video of Pakistani Actress, below.

Leaked Video of Pakistani Actress

39 years old Maria Wasti is currently hosting a game show “Croron Mein Khel” on Pakistani television channel BOL Entertainment. 

Twitter users also became excited over the leaked video of Maria Wasti and started trolling her on Her Twitter Page. Several Twitter users posted her video with funny captions while others were criticising her.


Some people even blame the government for the leaked videos of Pakistani Actresses and models. As this Twitter user posted “Nobody to held these girls accountable for doing such acts”.


Some people quickly started a trend on Twitter with the name of Maria Wasti and started making funny memes.

Similarly, on November 1st, 2019, the videos of Pakistani singer Rabi Pirzada became viral on social media and sparked outrage in the public. A massive criticism and trolling forced Rabi Pirzada to quit showbiz and make an apology for her leaked videos.


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