Medical student Nimrita Kumari found dead in her hostel room in Larkana.
  • The Incident: A Hindu Medical student Nimreta Chandani Kumari (nickname Nimrita Kumari) from Ghotki District Found dead in her hostel room of Chandka Medical College, Larkana, Sindh, Pakistan on Monday.
  • The Police: Police says It was a suicide.
  • Brother of Nimerta Chandani Kumari (Nimrita Kumari), Dr Vishaal doubts That Nimrita Chandni was raped and murdered.
  • The death of BDS Student Nimerta Chandani Kumari in CMC hostel sent outrage on social media.
  • People demand Justice for Nimerta Kumari.

Larkana: A medical final year’s student Nimerta Chandani Kumari (Nickname Nimrita Kumari) from Ghotki, Sindh, Pakistan was found dead in her hostel room at Chandka medical college, Larkana on Monday. Larkana Police told in their statement that she was staying alone in her room. Police also expressed doubts that she committed suicide. There were marks on her throat as she tried to hang herself, Larkana Police added.

The Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) Larkana is investigating the mysterious death of Nimerta Chandani, and police have sealed her room. Police also took custody of her mobile phone. A postmortem and Francis report have yet to come.

Professor Doctor Aneela Atta ur Rehman, The vice-chancellor of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Medical University told to media reporters that Nimerta Chandsni was preparing for an examination and yet she was staying alone in her room.

Late Nimerta Chandani in Chandka medical college.
Image: from the Facebook profile of Nimrita Kumari.

Chief Minister Sindh, Syed Murad Ali Shah took notice of the incident and ordered secretary universities and the board to launch an inquiry and submit him the report of the inquiry. Here is a Brief Video of Nimrita Kumari and details of her death.

Video: Details of Nimrita Kumari’s death and Her Pictures.

Latest Updates of Nimerta Chandani Kumari Case.

The case of the mysterious death of Nimerta Chandani Kumari took another turn after the statement of her class fellow Mehran Abro. Mehran Abro told in his statement to police that he and Nimerta wanted to marry each other but our parents refused. Mehran Abro added that she was in love with him.

Police arrested 32 people including the class fellows of Nimerta Chandani Kumari for an investigation. A senior processor of CMC Amar Laal told to police that Nimerta was upset before her death. She came to him and asked his help to sort out an untold issue. Professor Amar Laal added that he tried to ask her the details of that specific issue which was worrying her but she didn’t reveal. She was crying and asking the professor to help her gain strength.

Police are also investigating a man name Wasim Memon who was interested in Nimerta and Mehran Abro’s relationship. More details of the mysterious death of Nimerta Chandani in Asifa Bhutto dental college’s hostel are below.

Activities of Nimerta Chandani on Facebook few days before her death.

Nimrita Kumari was using Facebook by her real name Nimerta Chandani. On September 14, 2019, just 2 days before her death Nimerta updated her profile picture.

Nimerta Chandani Facebook post
Image: Screenshot from a Facebook post of Nimerta Chandani.

Just a year ago on September 2, 2018, Nimerta Kumari was celebrating her success from the third year of her medical study. She posted with regards to her elder brother Dr Vishal “Cleared 3rd year, Congratulations Sir Vishal, Your daughter just passed the examination”.

Nimerta Chandani celebrates her success on facebook
Image: Facebook screenshot.

Nimrita Kumari was often posting pictures with her happy family on her Facebook profile.

Nimerta Chandani (Nimerta Kumari) with her family at Bahria Town Karachi.
Image: Screenshot from Facebook.

Brother of Nimrita Kumari Doubts it a Murder

Dr Vishal The Brother of Nimerta Chandani (Nimrita Kumari) told media reporters that he has seen the dead body of his sister and it is clearly not a suicide. Dr Vishal doubts that his sister was raped and brutally murdered. Explaining his doubts Dr Vishal says “I have seen the marks on her neck, and they are different from the marks of a hanging ownself. Also, the girl who received her while coming back to hostel told me that she was wearing a headscarf, but the marks on her neck seem as she was hanged or choked by a cable. Here is the Full statement of Dr Vishal.

Video: Brother of Nimrita Chandni tells that she was murdered.
video: Dr Vishal Tells media about the death of his sister Nimrita Chandni.

Fresh Updates in Dr (To be) Nimerta Chandani Case

An Initial post-mortem report of dr Nimerta Chandani Kumari was released from the office of Police surgeon Chnadka Medical College (CMC) hospital Larkana, Sindh, Pakistan. In the provisional medical report of Dr Nimerta Kumari, the reason for death is mention as “Choke”. The marks of a sling rope were also found on her neck. However, Police reserved the actual cause of Nimerta’s death until the reports from Histopathology, Radiological and chemical will be received next week. Some sources have got the Post-mortem report and leaked on social media. Here is the initial Post-mortem report of Late Dr Nimerta Chandani Kumari.

Post-mortem report of dr Nimerta Chandani
initial post-mortem report of Nimerta Chandani Kumari

Death Of Nimerta Chandani Sparks A Wave Of Anger among Public

BDS student Nimerta Kumari before her death in CMC hostel.

The Death Of Nimerta Chandani (nick: Nimerta Kumari) sparked anger among the public. As the girl belonged to the Hindu minority, The Indians are trying to twist the incident into an Anti-Pakistan campaign on social media. But whatever is their intention, Pakistani Public seems angry on the death of Nimerta and they initiated a campaign #JusticeForNimrita on social media. She was a daughter of Pakistan.

A Pakistani Twitter user Syeda Kausar Fatimah wrote:

Nimrita,a BDS student,found dead in hostel.Everyone is claiming it a suicide.But her brother who has seen the dead body,doubts that she has been murdered.He appeals CM Sindh to take immediate action
Raise voice for her coz any of us could have been in her place

Another person who comes with Twitter handler @teeenday wrote this with grief after the death of Nimrita Kumari.

Dr Shoib Magsi another Twitter user wrote:

Body of nimrita recieved from hostel room, with bruises on neck suspected suicide but family thinks that she has been killed..
A thorough investigation should be conducted and if found homicide culprits should be arrested
A said day for me and my college.

A Rare Pic Of Hindu Medical student Nimrita Kumari with her mother

He also shared an old photo of Nimerta Kumari with her mother, to express his sympathies.

This is the second incident of Brutality with Hindu minorities in Sindh Province this week. A couple of days ago an angry mob lead by Mian Mithu (A local Peer and a politician) vandalized a Hindu Temple in Ghotki, Sindh. A high school headmaster Notan Kumar was beaten by this angry mob on the accusation of Blasphemy. Now just 2 days after the Hindu Temple incident, the death of Nimrita Kumari raised another question mark on the rights and protection of minorities in Pakistan. Indian Media is cashing these types of incidents inside Pakistan to get political advantages and diverting the attention of the world away from their own minorities issues. See A Muslim Man Aslam Khan Lynch To Death In Bengal, India. Meanwhile, This kind of incidents is spoiling the country’s image in aspects of protection for minorities.


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