Melania Trump meets with Prime minister Imran Khan

Melania Trump (America’s first lady) shared her photos with Imran Khan on her Twitter account after meeting the prime minister of Pakistan. Prime Minister Imran Khan met US President Donald Trump in the white house today.

Melania Trump meets with the prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan.

After the meeting with Imran Khan, US president Introduced the first lady with Prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan.

After the meeting, Melania Trump shared her pictures with Pm Khan on her Twitter account. The photos of Melania Trump became viral on Social media. Just in one hour, her tweet got more than 10 thousand Retweets and 35 thousand hearts ( Likes ). The numbers are growing gradually. It is one of the most viral tweets of Melania Trump which received massive audience and positive responses within such a short time.

Here are the viral photos of Melania Trump with Imran Khan at White house Washington DC.

Melania trump Photo with Imran Khan
America's first lady Melania trump picture with Imran Khan
US president Donald trump With Imran Khan and Melania trump

It is the first official visit of Imran Khan to the United States after joining the office as Prime minister of Pakistan. Also, Watch Speech of Imran Khan at Capital one Arena Washington DC.

During his visit, he met with the American president to discuss bilateral relations between both countries. Once the closest allies in the war against terrorism, the USA and Pakistan got the distance in past years. Donald Trump has announced to cut off Military AID for Pakistan last years. And Prime minister Imran Khan made it clear in the very beginning days of his government, that Pakistan will not fight someone’s else’s (US ) war anymore. That added more fuel to make both countries far away from each other because the USA was already asking Pakistan to do more for them. And Pakistan has done enough by sacrificing 70 thousand civilians in the war of united state in Afghanistan.

There was a battle of harsh tweets between both leaders in the past. When Donald Trump was blaming Pakistan for America’s failure in Afghanistan War. Unlike other Pakistani leaders, Imran Khan has shown no flexibility while replying Trump’s allegations. Later on, Donald Trump expressed his desires to meet PM IMRAN Khan on the advice of the Pentagon. Because the Pentagon is well aware that they can never leave Afghanistan safely without the help of Pakistan.


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