Mia Shem video – Hamas Releases a video of a Hostage

    Hamas Released a video of a Hostage, Mia Shem, getting medical treatment by a doctor.

    Mia Shem, 21 years old, is a Shoham resident with French citizenship.

    She was kidnapped by Hamas from Sderot on the 7th of October.

    They also released a part of her video in which she appeals for her release.

    “I am a prisoner in Gaza and they treated me and performed a surgery on me that took 3 hours, and everything is fine, and I only ask that you return me home as soon as possible, return me to my family, please get us out of here as soon as possible”

    According to details, Hamas have released footage of a hostage who was kidnapped amid the Israel attacks … showing the young girl receiving medical care while asking to be returned home.

    21-year-old Mia Shem is seen with her arm bandaged up in the clip posted on Hamas’ Telegram channel Monday. She then addressed the camera directly, saying her hand was injured, but underwent surgery by Hamas at a hospital in Gaza.

    She claims Hamas has been taking care of her after being taken hostage, allegedly getting medicine from them, too. She says everything is fine, and is asking the terrorists to send her home as soon as possible.

    People online haven’t been that quick to take Shem’s words as truth, by the way … some have pointed out her speech felt off, and she may have been forced by her captors to claim she was doing alright for the clip.

    Shem’s mother has been searching for her missing daughter since being abducted last week — asking online for anyone with the means of being able to search for her kid to do so … but hadn’t heard any info after all this time.

    It’s also unclear exactly when Shem’s video was filmed.