Microsoft Xbox Cloud Gaming Fortnite is resurrected on iPhone and Android Without installation


How much drama with Fortnite. Two years ago it was removed from the App Store and the Play Store, thus disappearing from the two main app stores. On Android, you could play through a restrictive installer, but on iOS and iPadOS there was no way.

Fortnite is resurrected on iPhone and Android
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Microsoft has moved tab and has been ahead of its rivals. Fortnite returns through the front door, without installations, without the need for subscriptions, and in the xCloud cloud.

Microsoft moves tab and revives Fortnite

Microsoft now has Fortnite available on Xbox Cloud Gaming. And all it takes is access to, as well as a Microsoft account. There is no need to have any type of subscription and, being a game in the cloud, the demanding hardware requirements that this game had on both iOS and Android disappear.

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All you need is an internet connection and a relatively modern phone to play Fortnite through your browser

However, it is necessary that the mobile meets the requirements to play through the browser, as well as having a stable connection to play without major problems. Microsoft thus follows NVIDIA, which brought Fortnite to Geforce Now to be able to play it, too, in the cloud.

Fortnite xCloud 🥳 FREE XBOX Cloud Fortnite on Any Device iOS, Android, PC & Mac
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The movement will be a significant boost for Microsoft Cloud Gaming, adding users who will bet on playing Fortnite in the cloud, with a Microsoft account, although for free.

Cloud gaming is already a relevant industry, moving more than 180,000 million dollars last year, and being a territory in which none of the technological giants wants to be left out.

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