Midle-aged Man Dives into Flooded Street from Fourth Floor in an Act of Fun at Karachi

Middle-aged Man enjoys rain by diving into flooded street from fourth floor of the building allegedly in Karachi, Pakistan.

The recent heavy monsoon rains in Karachi have submerged the entire city, but the citizens of Karachi are looking for new ways to enjoy the heavy rains.

Instead of worrying about the worst situation in Karachi and asking for help from the government, the people of Karachi are busy enjoying the weather. They have compromised on the performance of the governments.

Such a citizen of Karachi jumped into the rainwater in the street in an act of fun. A video that went viral on social media shows a middle-aged man jumping from the fourth floor of a building into a street in rainwater.

The viral video shows the man jumping and then swimming to the edge of the street. Meanwhile, another video was made of the roof from which he jumped into the street.

The video shows the man surveyed the water in the street and the jumping area, then leaned on his partner’s hand and climbed onto the roof temple and suddenly jumped down into the rainwater.

Some people on social media are claiming the video from neighboring India, but the majority are claiming the man a resident of Surjani Town in Karachi and are making it viral on social media with interesting comments on it.

According to the Meteorological Department, the highest rainfall of 72 mm was recorded in Gulshan-e-Hadid, 51 mm in Nazimabad, 37 mm in North Karachi and more than 25 mm in Surjani town.

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