Midwestemma, the Twitter user Emma claire goes viral after her leaked videos shared by Etherlvz Twitter account gone viral and here you can watch midwestemma joystick video
midwestemma joystick video is currently trending on social media

Midwestemma Twitter user is currently trending online after her leaked videos were shared by a Twitter user Etherlvz and gone viral. People are curious to know more about Midwestemma Twitter account and about the “Etherlvz Twitter user” which shared the leaked videos.

We will explain who is Midwestemma on Twitter and where can you watch midwestemma joystick video and Etherlvz Twitter videos. Keep reading, below.

Who is Emma Claire, The girl owning Midwestemma Twitter Account

Midwestemma Twitter profile picture
Image via Emma Claire Twitter page

Currently, a woman Emma Claire who comes on Twitter by the Twitter handle “Midwestemma” has taken over the internet by a video called “midwestemma joystick video” and has become a social media sensation. With thousands of searches on Search engines, Emma Claire has awoke the netizens and they have gotten curious about the girl Midwestemma and want to know why is she getting viral so suddenly.


Emma Claire, also known as Midwestemma, is a popular TikTok star having more than 90K followers. She usually posts engaging content on TikTok (the short video sharing platform). Most of her TikTok videos emphasizes of her being a former and she can be seen on the tractor doing farming in many of her TikTok videos. She likes to show her pride for hailing from Mid West America and that is why she uses to call herself “Cow Girl.”


Besides being a TikToker, Midwestemma also has an account on Only-Fans where she sells her private videos.

For those unaware, OnlyFans also known as OnlyF is a London based online subscription service. Here, the content creators earn a huge amount of money through the number of users who subscribe to their respective accounts. These subscribers are named fans and since the service is only provided to these fans, it is called Only-Fans.

Emma also owns an account on the said platform and enjoys a decent fan base here as well. She uploads her bold photos and videos on her account and earns money through it.


However, Midwestemma (Emma Claire) doesn’t reveal her face on her posted pictures and videos and no one has ever seen her face either. The influencer is also a model and tries to entertain her fans.

Emma had once stated that she started Only-Fans as a side hustle and mainly to pay her rent but it has become a full-time business.

“My goal was to do OnlyFans as a side hustle and pay my rent. Now I’ve grown a 7 figure business. Every step of the way I had people making fun of me or say I couldn’t do it without showing my face. I built a brand. And now many other no face creators are climbing with me, Emma Claire said in a tweet on August 30.


However, since the recent decision of Onlyfans Administration of banning Explicit content, Emma Claire can be seen criticising the platform.

She said in atweet earlier last week: “Did OnlyFans really think they would continue to make billions with cooking and workout tutorials??”

In another tweet, she hinted that she is going to file a lawsuit against Only-fans platform for disclosing her legal name to other Onlyfans users.

Video of Emma Claire Also popular as Midwestemma on Twitter

She has a YouTube channel also with 5.44K subscribers. Her YouTube channel name is “Emma Claire.”

On Twitter, Emma Claire comes by the name of “Midwestemma” and has 52,3000 followers. She claims that never shared her private videos on Twitter until before September 1. But she was regularly promoting her Onlyfans page via her tweets and Twitter posts.


But on June 1, 2021, Emma Claire has posted a video from her Onlyfans to her Twitter account. The blurred video shows Emma Claire giving head to someone whose face was also blurred. Meanwhile, she wrote in the caption: “Midwest girls are the best at reverse cowgirl. I don’t make the rules.”

You can watch Emma Claire OF video (Midwestemma Twitter video) Here.

Meanwhile, there are few Twitter accounts including “Etherlvz Twitter account” which have already shared the leaked videos of Emma Claire on Twitter.

Who is Etherlvz Twitter account

Etherlvz Twitter profile page
Image via Twitter

Famous by his Twitter handle “Etherlvz” is an anonymous Twitter user who shares NSFW content and leaked videos of social media celebrities, Television stars and Internet models. The Twitter account @Etherlvz was created on September 1, 2021, but it has gained over four thousand followers in a single day. And the reason behind so fast popularity is the content he keeps sharing on Twitter.


Etherlvz is currently going viral after he posted the leaked videos of Emma Claire (Midwestemma) on his Twitter page. One of the video of Emma Claire, shared by Etherlvz Twitter account, has over 500,000 views.

You Can watch Etherlvz Twitter videos here.

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