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MAFS star Mishel Karen is ‘targeted by a deranged fan who started leaking her X-rated OnlyFans content’ because she was too sick to respond to his messages after catching Covid following a p0rn shoot.

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Mishel Karen onlyfans

Recently, someone leaked the Mishel Karen onlyfans videos and posted them on the internet. Sources say that it was an outraged fan of hers. He was a loving and kind fan according to Mishel.


However, a little argument between Mishel and her fan gave place to a misunderstanding. Consequently, he leaked her only fans videos on the internet.

An argument between Mishel and her fan.

According to Mishel, when she was diagnosed with covid, she could not make him a quick reply. Her fan who was kind and loving till then thought that she probably doesn’t care much about him.

Whereas, the cause of the delay was her illness. That misunderstanding compelled that person to leak Mishel Karen onlyfans videos to the internet.


‘It is likely that the leak is related to an original, long-term fan that got upset, who had recently abused me when I was sick with Covid for not getting back to their messages immediately,’ Mishel said. 

‘I had told my fans I was only staying online a few hours each day whilst I was sick and to be patient while I was recovering but this was not okay for him,’ she added. 

‘The fan abused me and is now blocked. This could just be payback, which is sad. My fans are usually very kind and encouraging, as was this fan until he got very upset.’ 

The investigation of the matter 

After Mishel Karen onlyfans videos got leaked, she has asked the administration of Onlyfans for help. So that they can put an end to the leaks.


‘OnlyFans has reassured me they are working to locate the source of the leak. It is not really fair for the majority that pay for content that someone does leak content,’ she said. 

As a result of that leak, she will not upload her future video.

‘It is also upsetting for my fans as I was due to release my first girl-on-girl video this Friday and that is now delayed or maybe cancelled depending on what comes of the investigation,’  

She has been making a lot of money from the premium subscriptions of Onlyfans. While her leaked videos have also damaged her income.

Where can You watch MAFS Mishel Karen leaked Onlyfans video

Although due to privacy concerns and our policies, we are not going to upload MAFS Mishel Karen leaked Onlyfans video here. But as we mentioned above, Mishel Karen Onlyfans video has been leaked on Twitter and we can give you the link of Twitter post where you can find and watch her leaked Onlyfans video. Watch Mishel Karen leaked Onlyfans video here and other link is here.

Mishel Karen reveals her eye-watering Only Fans salary

Fifty-one-year-old Mishel Karen has turned her 2020 appearance on Married At First Sight into a lucrative adult entertainment career – and she’s doing it for her kids.

Former reality stars are making bank, thanks to adult social platform OnlyFans – and Married At First Sight‘s Mishel Karen admits she’s doing it for the kids.

The 51-year-old mother-of-two tells the Daily Telegraph she earns between $5000 and $7000 a month on the adult entertainment app, and says while she initially joined the service to pay the bills after losing her job, she’s now using her x-rated hustle to support her son, Sam, 21, and daughter, Eva, 19.

MAFS Mishel Karen first joined the adult platform in 2020, after losing her job as a teacher and policy trainer for the Queensland police.
Image via Instagram

Back in February 2021, she took aim at online trolls who criticised her new career move.

Some called her a “disgrace” after one of her private videos was leaked.

“I’m proud of my body,” she said in an Instagram post. “I’m really happy with my body. I’m happy with my own sexuality.


“If someone feels it is a disgrace or embarrassing to show your body that’s their own problem,” she said.

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