Mobile Phone Registration WITH PTA / NEW SYSTEM WILL BE LAUNCH

[NEW] Mobile Phone PTA Verification Without pay Tax 2019||Mobile Free Registration new method

Government to launch a new and easy system for mobile phone registration with PTA for overseas Pakistanis.


Minister of state for Revenue Hammad Azhar told the government is going to launch a new online system of mobile phone registration and tax payment if applicable for overseas Pakistanis.

State minister said in his tweet that “Online Mobile Registration & Tax Payment System’s soft test successfully conducted on test servers. We are aiming to launch the system within one week. Its a user friendly & secure registration & payments system where any indivdual can register & if needed, pay taxes from home”. “This website will be purely for registering and if needed paying taxes on mobile phones. Other tax returns are already filed online but we are working on making that platform simpler and more user friendly too”.

Mobile Phone Registration current Procedures.

Government has  imposed a tax on mobile phones for overseas Pakistanis on Arrival in Pakistan. All those who enter Pakistan with PTA non-compliant phones will have to register (check Your Mobile phone status by clicking on Register) their phone’s IMEI with PTA and pay tax on their phones. But one phone could be register without any tax. An overseas Pakistani can bring upto 5 mobile phones in a year to Pakistan. But he will have to pay tax duty on his devices except one personal or (anyone non-compliant device). READ HERE: BRIEF PROCEDURE OF REGISTRATION ON AIRPORTS.


What If you don’t register your phone with PTA?.

New Update For Registration Of Mobile Phones with PTA.

From the beginning of May 2019, PTA introduced a new and easy way to register Your mobile phone device with PTA. Now users can easily register their mobile devices from the Franchises of their respective telecom service ( mobile NETWORK they are using in their phones. ( e.g Mobilink, Zong). The complete list of these Franchises is available here. The list of Facilitation Centres.


IMEI is a unique serial number or an identification code of each device. This helps regulatory authorities to track and find your phone’s location and other necessary informations. You can get your device IMEI codr by dialling *#06# on dialpad.

Amount / Ratio of tax on mobile phone registration 

There are different types of taxand duties. But for a short estimate you will pay around 40% of the device price in total as tax and duties on your non-compliant devices (excluding one free device).  Watch here complete tax list on mobile phones.


Why Government imposed tax and these procedures?

The ratio of tax is significantly more but government took these initiatives to increase revenue generation. Also government has plans to force phonoe industry to install assembly plants inside Pakistan and transfer of technology. Their were also security issues related to unregistered phones. Because culprits use these phones and security agencies are unable to track them. Their is also an economic concen because many mobile phone dealers from black market smuggle expansive phones into the country and damaging the local markets.

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