Modi will Cause Destruction For India- Gen Hameed Gul (Late)

Late Gen Hameed Gul

“Modi will Cause Destruction For India. Narendra Modi (as a ruler on India) is a gift for Pakistan. Because Mistakes of Modi will give rebirth to ‘Two nation Theory’ of Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah“. These were the words of Late Gen Hameed Gul about Narendra Modi and feature of India in Modi’s leadership. Watch the video, below.

Gen Hameed Gul had predicted in his life and understood the racist ideology of Narendra Modi and his RSS. Today India is cowardly facing China on LAC. Since last year India is burning all along because of mistakes done by Modi and BJP government.
Indian Army Veteran telling his side of the story
He said that Police beat up Mosque Imam when he tried to stop cops from entering into Mosque.