Mondawmin Mall Bathroom Video Goes Viral on Social Media – Full video and details

Mondawmin mall bathroom video goes viral on social media for all the wrong reasons

Mondawmin mall bathroom video goes viral on Twitter for all insane reasons and Twitter reacts over the video with a flood of memes and jokes.

Video: Mondawmin mall bathroom video trends for these reasons

According to details, on March 12, 2021, an insane video appeared on Twitter and went viral within few hours. The video was first shared by a Twitter user “Tsunade Senju” who wrote in the caption of the video “So Trade Decided Get Freaky In Mondawmin Bathroom.”

Due to the nature of of the purported video, we will not advise you to watch it. But if curiosity can’t hold, you can watch Mondawmin mall full video on Twitter here and here.

Many people, who haven’t watched the video, are curious about what is so unique in Mondawmin mall bathroom video because of which everyone on Twitter and TikTok is talking about. Mondawmin mall is a Shopping mall in Baltimore, Maryland.


Going into further details, Mondawmin mall bathroom video shows four black men in a compromising situation. The faces of all four men (probably Gays) are not visible in the video. However, it can be clearly seen in the video that one of them is target of other three.

Twitter Reacts to Mondawmin Mall Bathrooms Video

Twitter users took no time to made the video viral and started reacting over thr video with funny memes, jokes and comments.

“I can see why the straights are shocked about the Mondawmin Mall video but you gheys been knowing/doing this for YEARS! This is NOTHING new,” wrote one Twitter user.

Another Twitter user shared a meme and wrote “Me after finding out why people are tweeting about bathrooms in Mondawmin Mall.”


Some users, who have watched the Mondawmin mall video, are now wishing to unsee it. “This Mondawmin Mall video is OUTTA LINE,” one of those users wrote while sharing a meme showing the eye drop to clean his eyes.

“Lls this mondawmin mall video just way too outta pocket for me,” says another Twitter user after watching the video.


The video is now popular on TikTok also and people are sharing memes related to Mondawmin mall video on TikTok.

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