Moplsjs baby video,  shared by Twitter user Moplsjs, goes viral on social media

“Moplsjs Twitter page” is currently trending on social media and TikTok for all the wrong reasons. People want to know about Moplsjs Twitter page and Moplsjs baby video which he posted on his Twitter page.

On September 2, 2021, several TikTok videos appeared talking about Moplsjs baby video and asking people to go on Twitter and look for Moplsjs Twitter page as the mentioned Moplsjs baby video has been shared there.

Who is Moplsjs Twitter user and what is Moplsjs Baby Video

Moplsjs was a Twitter user who was sharing NSFW content, mostly videos, on its timeline. However the purported Twitter account has been suspended now for violating Twitter’s content Policy. The Twitter page “Moplsjs” was quite famous and it had 72,000 followers.


Before getting suspended, Moplsjs shared a video on his Twitter page which shows a couple doing workout and gets interrupted after their baby enters the room. However, the video shows, the couple didn’t bother the presence of the baby in the room and they kept going on.

Video: Moplsjs Baby video on Twitter explained

Moplsjs baby video gone viral on Twitter and people were sharing memes and funny reactions over the video.

A Twitter user wrote “Poor baby.”

“i have the video of the baby dm me,” wrote another user.

One person tweeted: “Poor baby just wanted some milk.”

“LEMME SEE THAT VIDEO DAWG, added another user.

See more reactions over Moplsjs baby video, below.

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