Bihar: On October 10, 2019, a Mosque has been vandalised by Hindu Youth and RSS members. The incident happened in Jehanabad, Bihar, India. Several Muslim casualties have been reported.

Video: Mosque was pelted with stones in Bihar

According to details, a Mosque has been vandalised and stones were pelted inside the mosque after communal violence broke out in Jehanabad, Bihar (a state of India). The incident happened during the festival of “Durga Puja” when hundreds of Hindus were passing by mosque carrying the statue of “Durga Mai” and singing in loud voice.

The mosqu was attacked in Jehanabad, Bihar by Hindu Youth.

The Hindu men accused that a stone was thrown on the Statue of “Durga Maa” which drove Hindu Youth into violence against the mosque. The videos captured on the scene, show that dozens of Hindu boys and RSS members were throwing stones on the mosque and some Muslim men standing on the roof trying to protect the mosque.


Hindu men and RSS members also burnt several shops under the mosque. Meanwhile, 6 Muslim causalities were reported.

Aftermath videos of the Hindu violence against this mosque in Bihar show that the Mosque was vandalised by stones pelting. Hundred of stones can be seen on the floor inside the Masjid while a dozen Holy Quran were thrown on the floor and insulted by RSS members.

Also, Watch a Christian woman was stripped naked in the street and paraded naked by Hindutva terrorists in Bihar.




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