Mother killed Her Son’s Murderer In Sialkot after Waiting Justice for 7 Years

A mother in Sialkot killed the murderer of her son after Waiting Justice for seven years

Sialkot: Parveen Bebi, A Mother of 21-years-old boy, killed her son’s murderer after getting disappointed by the courts and justice system in Pakistan. Her 21-years-old son “Taslim, known as Kaka” was killed 7 years ago by Alleged murderer Identified as ‘Noman, also known as Kodu’ and his other companions. The Mother, identified as Praveen Bebi was seeking justice for 7 years. Also, Watch ‘Pakistani Courts are bitches of the riches’ Virginia’s Newspaper’s headlines ‘.


The alleged murderer ‘Noman’ of her son ‘Taslim’ was sentenced to death from Sialkot session court. However, during the appeal in Lahore High Court, Noman was released after pleading not guilty. Watch the details of the story, in the video, below.

Video: Mother killed her son’s murderer after getting disappointed from the courts and justice system in Pakistan.

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Video: Parveen Bebi, a mother of 21-years-old boy, took revenge for her son’s murder after seven years.

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Justice delayed is justice denied: Mother killed the killer of Her Son.

In Pakistan, people seem, largely, disappointed with the legal justice system of the country. They have to acquire justice at a high price and, that too, after a long patient hold and delay.

Recently another case regarding ‘Justice Delayed’ surfaces in the news where seven years later, a mother identified as Parveen Bebi, shot and killed her son’s alleged killer in Buttar village, Sialkot. Noman and others were accused of shooting a 21-year-old boy named Taslim known as Kaka seven years ago.

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Noman, also known as Kodu, was sentenced to death by a local court of Sialkot. Later, Lahore High Court acquitted Noman in April 2019. Noman then left foe Dubai in order to save himself from the revenge of Taslim’s family.

Sialkot Police told that when the accused came back to his village from Dubai, the victim’s mother (Parveen Bebi) killed him by help of her another son ‘Azeem’ and escaped from the scene. Police have registered a case against five persons and are conducting raids to arrest the accused.

Public Reactions on the “Mother Killed Her Son’s Murderer”

Public responded to the incident of “mother killing her son’s murderer” with a quite different way. Majority of the public seems to be supporting the mother and accusing the delayed justice system of Pakistan. Watch the Public Reactions on the incident, below.

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