Dr Uzma Qazi is mother of two Kids. Her both Kids were studying in the “ROOTS” school Islamabad. But the administration of “Roots School” rolled out her both Kids because she asked her right to reduce the fees. Watch what Dr Uzma Qazi says about Roots School’s administration.

Few months before, the supreme court has ordered private schools to reduce the massive feeses. But most of the Private school owners like “ROOTS School” didn’t act upon the orders of the Supreme court of Pakistan.

Dr Uzma was an active leader of protesting parents. During the Last month, hundreds of parents were protesting against these private schools, demanding to reduce these massive feeses. After Identifying her leading the protest, the administration of Roots School rolled out her both kids from the school. After getting no help from any cover official, Dr Uzma came on social media to seek support.

Dr Uzma Qazi leading a protest against Roots and other private schools for charging parents with massive feeses.

She requests everyone who watched her video, to spread her message so that the government may get pressure and act against these private schools which are looting the public on the name of education. Also, Watch Assistant commissioner of Queta city threatens Female House officers.

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