Video: Muslim Kicking Idol and Hindu Temple? Viral video and Facts

Youth Kicking idol and Hindu temple, facts of viral video
Image: Screenshot from the viral video of Youth Kicking idol and Hindu temple

Was a Muslim boy kicking idol and Temple in Rajkot, India? Here are all the facts of a viral video which shows a boy Kicking idol and a Hindu temple in Rajkot, India, for shooting a TikTok Video.
Video: Youth Kicking Idols and temple in Rajkot,India

Earlier this week, a video of a Youth became viral on social media which shows a youth kicking idols and a Hindu temple at Rajkot, Gujrat, India. The youth along his other friend was shooting a TikTok video.

After shooting the video, they uploaded it on the internet. The video of “youth Kicking the idols” became viral in social media and police have arrested both boys for this crime of desecrating idols.

Police said the accused, identified as Jayesh Chudasma (27) and Dinesh Mahida (25), had also shot a Tik Tok video clip of their alleged crime and uploaded it on WhatsApp. The accused told the cops that they were heavily drunk when they had committed the crime, India Today reported.
Video: boys who were kicking the idols, apologising for the crime they committed.

But a member of BJP IT cell, name as Abhijeet, tried to divert this viral video into hate-campaign against Muslims. Without mentioning the word ‘Muslim’, he tried to show as this youth is a Muslim boy and he is kicking idol and Hindu temple.

Abhijeet wrote in his tweet: “Real brother of @RanaAyyub & @zoo_bear
Now @AltNews will fact check how this youth was upset about TikTok ban and @thewire_in will run a story to prove innocence and @khanumarfa will conduct an interview. @zainabsikander will write an article in @ThePrintIndia.”

But police investigation and details provided by ‘India Today’ proved that the youths Kicking idol and a Hindu temple were Hindu boys and they were drunk.

Video: Reaction and analysis of the viral video